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DiveSkins/SurfSkins - Tiger Shark - Zippered

$ 160.00 USD
SDS 0140

SlipIns Tiger Shark DiveSkins are the world's finest sun protective swimwear with 60+ UPF and are made in America. Wear this suit, you can feel the power. This UV sun protection is second to none. This skin is a tight fitting, full body lycra suit designed to make it much easier to slip in and out of a wetsuit-wet or dry. SlipIns DiveSkins have foot stirrups, thumb holes, and front zippers that make it easy to wear. SlipIns DiveSkins have lots of stretch for comfort and they dry quickly. Our DiveSkins protect against all stinging ocean critters as well. This one piece body suit protects against Fire Coral and all other possible abrasions. DiveSkins are perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, paddling, free diving, boating, or just enjoying your time in the water.  Own the ocean. Wear the Tiger Shark DiveSkin. And complete the look and benefits with a pair of matching DiveSoxx!

The Tiger Shark is part of our threatened or endangered ocean series.

Fast Facts - Tiger Shark - (Galeocerdo Cuvier)

1.  Up To 14 Feet Long & 1400 Pounds. Fourth Largest Shark On Earth. Tiger Like Stripes Distinct On Juveniles

2.  Hunted Relentlessly By Humans For Fin Soup.  

3.  Found Worldwide In Temperate Tropical Seas.

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11/14/2019 10:02:43 PM
Ross F.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Great skins, poor sewing

I bought the tiger shark skins, love the fit, and the pattern looked badass underwater! But after the first dive I noticed the seams were coming apart on the calf area of the right leg. I called the company, and they said they would repair the defect.

7/27/2019 3:39:58 PM
I recommend this product

First SlipIn

This One Was The First One That I Purchased. Robin it the Size I should Order Right On The Mark. They Fit a Little Tight On The First Wear. It Gets Better From There. I was Amazed at The Vibrancy of The Prints, They Are True To Life. These Suit Are The Greatest Thing Going.

A Slipins Customer
6/25/2019 6:56:57 PM
Nikki L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Great UV protection, stylish print

I greatly enjoyed this skin...the print is perfect, and I was wearing it with a recent tiger shark encounter! The foot and hand cut-outs are perfect for wear under booties and gloves, if necessary. I do wish the material was a little more stretchy, as I need to have someone available to peel this off my shoulders after a dive!