About Rick and Robin-owners of SlipIns

SlipIns-the lightbulb went on in 2013. Business partners, Robin Chesnie and Rick Rickman, have been associated with surfing and exercise for decades. Robin's son, a competitive surfer, helped hone her knowledge of surfing but never convinced her to take up the sport herself. Rick began long boarding because one of his photographic subjects insisted that he wouldn't be allowed to photograph him until he learned to surf. This requirement changed Rick's life for the better and positioned him to be somewhat of an authority about the surfing lifestyles.

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It wasn't until Rick and Robin met, online through a dating service by the way, that Robin developed an interest in surfing herself. Rick's enthusiasm for the sport convinced Robin to try surfing, that gave birth to the SlipIns idea.

Robin is cold water sensitive and always needs a heavy wetsuit. The struggles of getting in and out of that cumbersome 4/3 wetsuit almost brought her to tears on a couple occasions and she almost quit. I'm sure many women can relate to that struggle. She watched carefully as other women struggled with the same issues and her creativity kicked into high gear.

I'll never forget the afternoon Robin came to me and said, " I think we can come up with a product that will make it much easier for women to get in and out of these unflattering, unfriendly wetsuits." Rick says with a smile. Two weeks later she called Rick and said she had just the thing that was going to make women's surfing so much better. She had pulled out an old full body lycra catsuit from the Jane Fonda workout days, put it on before getting in to her wetsuit and VOILA, the concept of SlipIns SurfSkins was born.  Slip In and Out of a Wetsuit with Ease!!

A month later, Rick was talking with a friend who is a well respected physical therapist and personal trainer. The two were having a discussion about SurfSkins. The physical therapist said, " You should think about creating something similar for exercising." He went on to say, " tight fitting garments that are designed to support musculature allow for longer more efficient exercise regimens that truly benefit the human body." I immediately spoke to Robin, who has actively been a gym rat for over 30 years and she enthusiastically embrace the idea. At that moment Gymskins were born.  At the heart of the GymSkin line is the one piece unitard style, no wardrobe distractions, no muffin top, total comfort for anything from Yoga and Pilates, to Zumba and Barre.  They may not be for everyone, but when a woman decides to try one, they almost always are a fan for life!!


SlipIns, the company, lives in the heart of the surfing and exercise mecca here in Southern California and for that reason, is perfectly positioned to be in tune with all the activities that these garments are ideally suited for.

We live in a land full of active people who love to look great. SlipIns help to make you look beautiful and feel fabulous. Everybody enjoys a little attention and SlipIns can help you achieve that psychological gratification. So, be bold and have fun because life is an adventure and meant to be enjoyed. SlipIns let you raise life's fun factor.

If you have any questions or need any information don't hesitate to contact us at;

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