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" I just wanted to let you know that the slipIns I purchased for my recent vacation was the best investment I made. No sunscreen was my goal because the reefs off Hawaii are in peril from these chemicals. The suit didn't let me down. I returned to the mainland after 2 weeks of being in the sun almost non-stop. No sunburns. The suit was easy to slip on over my swim suit and under wetsuits. I am soooooo happy with this! The suit got so many compliments and my siblings were super envious.  I LOVE THIS !!!  Thank you so much. I'm in love with this suit. You Guys Rock ! "  Althena Clark



Not only does my whale shark Slipins DiveSkin make me feel like a magical underwater creature when I am both topside and submerged, but it is illuminating when the light hits it! I can't tell you how many compliments I got the first day I wore it out for scuba diving! Luckily, I normally dive for work in warmer water so I am able to wear this solo 90% of the time, but the first time I used it, I was diving in a quarry in a 7ml wetsuit. Let me tell you, I am normally using the plastic bag trick because I am like a sausage in a 7ml wetsuit. This dive skin changed my scuba life! I no longer dread putting on thick wetsuits, and when I can wear it on its own, I felt svelte, sexy, functional and protected (which at the end of the dive, is what I care most about!).

Hi Robin, I love the Mini for Paddle Boarding!  Its so nice to practice yoga in a one piece suit.  It's the only time I can make it through an hour class without adjusting my clothing.  I am able to really focus and enjoy my practice so much more without the distraction.  I do still feel a little self conscious with my middle age body in a bold one piece, so I just wear a solid color tank over the top.  It's still very freeing, because it all stays in place but allows me to move!


Hi Robin:

Here's a picture of me and my Mini. I just have the 1 and I love it. It was comfortable and will be great in the summer for a bit of extra sun protection. I especially love the thumb holes... as I always buy running tops with those!  I decided to pose with a couple water friends of mine.





Dear Robin & Rick

I've dove in my SlipIns every single day, if not twice/day, while on holiday on Bonaire. Not only do these provide sun protection but they make taking my wetsuit off an absolute breeze. I see people struggling with taking off their wetsuit all the time and think how much they would benefit from surf skins and dive skins. I also love the colors and designs so of course I strike a pose whenever possible ? Thanks for making my life easier, brighter, and providing me with sun protection my dear friends at SlipIns. Sending love from the Caribbean ????????
Photos by Karen Hoffman


Ahlia Hoffman


Robin & Rick:

I loved the extra sun protection and the beautiful colorful print of the front zip slip in!

The men's suits for diving/snorkeling are awesome!

Sherrie Burke & Friends



Dear Rick & Robin

I'm in desperate need for sun protection when I spend 8+ hours a day on the water. The zippered mini has been my savior! It is full coverage and incredibly comfortable. Unlike other sun protective clothing, I still have a wide range of movement, which is really helpful when handling sharks and stingrays.

I never have to worry about bringing extra rash guard layers because I know that the slipins material will dry almost instantly! Also, who knew it could help protect me against the wind chill?!  My spandex have additionally become a staple. So easy to wear and makes me more comfortable out in the field! 

My fellow coworkers and I love frolicking around in the water with all my new fun patterns. Who knew adults would still be fighting over who can wear which article of clothing?! Fortunately, the fun patterns bring light to whatever environment we are in! 

After my first Instagram post wearing the zippered mini, I received several messages from friends saying they were jealous of my new product finds! 






Dear Robin:

My dive skin was perfect for snorkeling with the whale sharks!
Erin White



Hi Robin and Rick, 

 I'm dropping you a quick line to thank you and tell you how much I LOVE my green "reptile" print dive skin!!!!  I met you both and purchased it at the Scuba show in Long Beach a few months ago.  We just got back from a week of diving in Cozumel, Mexico. While it is a sort of hot and humid area and the water is pretty warm, we did some deep dives. I was SO comfortable in my skin suit and 3mm full wetsuit. And after each dive, I just stayed in my skin suit on the boat and stayed warm that way. 

And the compliments I received!!!! It is such a unique print and beautiful color combination. The fit is wonderful and the weight is perfect. 

 Keep up the great business and wonderful products and know you have a fan for Life! 


Tracey Wiltse