Before the World Went Automated with Reviews, We've Been Making SlipIns Customers Happy for Nearly 10 Years 

"Not only does my Whale Shark Slipins DiveSkin make me feel like a magical underwater creature when I am both topside and submerged, but it is illuminating when the light hits it! I can't tell you how many compliments I got the first day I wore it out for scuba diving! Luckily, I normally dive for work in warmer water so I am able to wear this solo 90% of the time, but the first time I used it, I was diving in a quarry in a 7ml wetsuit. Let me tell you, I am normally using the plastic bag trick because I am like a sausage in a 7ml wetsuit. This dive skin changed my scuba life! I no longer dread putting on thick wetsuits, and when I can wear it on its own, I felt svelte, sexy, functional, and protected (which at the end of the dive, is what I care most about!)."

– Justine Benanty

"I had to share a recent story. I bought my dive skin before a recent trip to Belize. The first day gearing up, what do I see on the other dive boat? Another diver with the same diveskin! I mean what are the odds?! We had never met, but we had to take a photo to show what good taste we have. Thanks so much for being a great company with a great product!"

– April Anderson

"I've dove in my SlipIns every single day, if not twice/day, while on holiday on Bonaire. Not only do these provide sun protection but they make taking my wetsuit off an absolute breeze. I see people struggling with taking off their wetsuit all the time and think how much they would benefit from surfskins and diveskins. I also love the colors and designs so of course I strike a pose whenever possible. Thanks for making my life easier, brighter, and providing me with sun protection my dear friends at SlipIns. Sending love from the Caribbean"