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  • The Big Questions For Consumers These Days

    Feb 03 2020

    There are so many diverse opinions and questions in the consuming market that drives contemporary consumers to spend money for goods prod...

  • Gauging Success

    Jan 13 2020

    We have many people who write to us as say how much they love our skins.  It's a very rare event when someone sends us a video that reall...

  • The Whale Shark Obsession.

    Sep 08 2019

    The girl with the Whale Shark tattoo is traveling the world solo in her Sun Protective Waterwear.  This young Danish beauty, Benedicte Re...

  • The Art Of Twinning - What is that you say?

    Aug 25 2019

    One of our customers came up with a phrase we love and is very appropriate for what we do with our SlipIns Sun Protective DiveSkins.  Sli...

  • What GUYS are Saying About SlipIns-Happy Father's Day

    Jun 16 2019

    Dear Rick and Robin, I finally got in the water with my SlipIns Diveskin.  WOW!  What a Wonderful Suit.  It is a whole different Game Whe...