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  • Diving in Guam… Where America’s Day Begins!

    Sep 12 2020

                                                         Marina Inserra in “Blue Reflections” SlipIns DiveSkin Ever since I earned my P...

  • The New Cycle Suit

    Aug 23 2020

      I first discovered Slipins in 2018 when I was looking for an alternative to the bikini. I was sick of all the shaving, awkward tan...

  • PARTY in my SlipIns! The Ultimate Dive & Costume Wear

    Aug 12 2020

      While COVID has cancelled all the awesome dive trips to tropical warm waters this summer, it has also cancelled my favorite summer tim...

  • Adventures In The Diving World - by Daisy Hope Whetlor

    Aug 02 2020

      A Personal Dive Adventure   Oh, what a strange time to be living in... We’ve swapped our scuba masks and mask defog for medical masks ...

  • The Wetsuit Dance

    Jun 16 2020

    We've all been through the routine.  The water's cold and you have to get into that 7 or 8 mil wetsuit.  For some people the thought o...