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  • Worlds Finest Skin Protection

    Slip In & Out Of Your Wetsuit

  • The Worlds Finest Sun Protection

    Women's Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuits

  • The Worlds Finest UV Sun Protection

    60+ UPF Protection & All Stinging Critter Protection

  • The Worlds Finest Sun Protection

    SlipIns Long Sleeve High Neck Rashguards

  • The World's Finest UV Protective Swimwear

    60+ UPF, Water Wicking, Dries In Minutes, Stays in Place No Matter What.


The World's Finest Sun Protective Water Wear With 60+ UPF. Unique Patterns Found Only In The SlipIns Collections. Made In America For The Highest Quality.

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Proudly Made In America

Made In California

• 60+ UPF 

• Fun Unique Prints

• Figure Flattering

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209 Canal St. NewportBeach, CA 92663