Fun Videos


Here's something fun from one of our retail associates on Maui.  They are called Jammin On Maui.  They handle SlipIns Haute Minis.  Extensive sun protection is vital on the islands.  Check out the fun.




SUP Magazine is working hard to promote safety and enjoyment of Stand Up Paddling.  We are great proponents of safety as well and wanted to be part of the endeavor to help people stay safe on the water. So, we are hoping you will take a moment to watch this quick safety tip video




SlipIns at the Scuba Show In Long Beach at the Convention Center
















It's Summertime and SlipIns believes it's important to have fun, be happy and look great.  So, have the best summer possible and keep a smile on your face.


The Magnificent Cuchira

It not often that you find something so special that you want to share it with the world.  Tamara Levinson has come up with a beautiful melding of Yoga and dance and has made a captivating performance art and exercise regimen.  Her moves are amazing and really get to the heart of how Yoga can create a flexibility in the body that no other form of exercise can really create.  We love to see her perform and hope that you will enjoy her phenomenal abilities as well.

Yogance is a melding of Yoga and dance. Tamara Levinson has perfected that blending of dance and yoga and has turned the combination into a captivating and beautiful art form. She will astound you with her strength and flexibility but inspire you to greater things. If you find what she does as exciting as we do, please go to and enroll in one of her classes. You won't regret it You can also find her @cuchira on instagram. We know you will be captivated, inspired, and excited by the prospect of what your body is capable of.  And the perfect outfit is a one piece unitard, colorful SlipIns GymSkin.

We are flying into a new year with lots of excitement on the horizon.  It's been such fun to hear how some of the people who have been wearing our SlipIns feel about our SurfSkins & GymSkins.  It's also fun seeing how talented and artistic some of the members of our SlipIns family are.  It's fun to watch.

A quick but very cute way to stay color coordinated while wearing your SurfSkin.

Leslie Fightmaster, an exceptional yoga instructor, demonstrates some of her yoga moves in her SlipIn GymSkins.

Jacqueline Getz having a great afternoon in her spotted cat with a moderate swell.

Ahlia Hoffman and Travis Long are some of the finest tandem surfers and this is all about this pair.