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DiveSkins  are designed to fit tightly, but with the  Zippered SlipIns styles, torso length and height is important so sizing up may be necessary as with any one piece design. The first time you try it on, it should be tight and a little bit of a struggle.  We do this to help support musculature and allow the body to work more efficiently, but mainly so you're looking good, held in at all the right places! Also if you are wearing it under a wetsuit, it is important that it fit like a second skin.  They have a thumb hole and foot stirrups, so they stay in place when getting in and out of a wetsuit. 

We size up to 3XL and all our prints are now Uni-sex sizing.  Please refer to the unisex sizing chart below for your decisions on purchasing your DiveSkin.  They are silky soft, so slipping into them feels good. And this silky soft poly/spandex fabric is what makes getting in and out of a wetsuit such a breeze. 

 They were originally designed to make it easier to get in and out of your wetsuit, but there are many more water sports for which wearing these beautiful creations are ideal by themselves.  The  60+UPF protection as a huge bonus as well!  


The One Piece Zippered Swimsuits are such a sexy creation. They are a high cut design that stays put. They have medium coverage across the bottom, or can be hiked up for more exposure.  They will not ride up but stay where you put them.  You can size them with confidence using the chart below.  These Sun Protective Swimsuits have become the best choice for sun protective swim wear. Whether lounging around the pool or out on a paddle board or surf board, snorkeling, diving or on a boat or jetski, our 60+ UPF sun protection is the best in the world.  

Every body is different.  It's important to remember that our sizing is adjusted on torso length.  If you have a long torso you may need to size up.  Our fabric has a lot of stretch so it will fit most body types.


Sea Legs Size Chart

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