Size Guide

XS- 0-2

SurfSkins/DiveSkins  are designed to fit tightly, but with the  Zippered SlipIns styles, torso length and height is important so sizing up may be necessary as with any one piece design. The first time you try it on, it should be tight and a little bit of a struggle.  We do this to help support musculature and allow the body to work more efficiently, but mainly so you're looking good, held in in all the right places! Also if you are wearing it under a wetsuit, it is important that it fit like a second skin.  They have a thumb hole and foot stirrups, so they stay in place when getting in and out of a wetsuit.  We size up to 2XL for the women's sizing, but with several prints in the men's sizing,  the men's 2XL and 3XL are the next sizes larger than the 2XL for women.  They are silky soft, so slipping into them feels good. And this silky soft poly/spandex fabric is what makes getting in and out of a wetsuit such a breeze. You may wear a bathing suit under them, or wear nothing at all.  They are not see through, even when wet.  They were originally designed to make it easier to get in and out of your wetsuit, but there are many more water sports for which wearing these beautiful creations are ideal by themselves, with their 60+UPF protection as a huge bonus!  And the Zippered Minis are such a sexy creation, basically the full SurfSkins but with a high cut leg. They have medium coverage across the bottom, or can be hiked up for more exposure.  Same sizing guidelines, as they too are one piece and zippered.  The Zippered Mini has quickly become the best choice for sun protective swim wear, whether lounging around the pool or out on a paddle board or surf board, snorkeling, diving or on a boat or jetski.  


Please consider this an estimate, as torso length with a one piece is very important.  They have a lot of stretch, but are limited by the zipper.

Men's Size Guide

Look as good as you feel!

GymSkins are also designed to fit tightly with the poly/spandex stretchy fabric.  This is  mainly to hold you in in all the right places and have you look as good as your and ready for a good workout, whether aerobics, spinning, yoga, SUP Yoga,  pilates, barre, running-you name it.  The one piece design is very flattering, no more muffin top hanging over the top of your leggings and no more wardrobe distractions (i.e. pants coming down and tops flying up!).  We have two designs of the GymSkins. Synergy and Symmetry that have beautifully designed backs, but look great layered with a tank top.  Larger breasted women may want to size up.  Onesies/unitards are making a comeback, and for good reason.  They are so comfortable and you will look as good as you feel in our GymSkins! 


Look as good as you feel!

Men's DiveSkins/SurfSkins - Full Body Skins - Leggings and RashGuards

A tight fitting Full Body Lycra Suit with foot stirrups, thumb holes, high collar, and long front zipper that makes it easy to enter the suit. Fabric is Polyester/Spandex.  Sizes run from Medium to 3 XL. If you have questions, call us @ 949-230-0550.

A tight fitting Legging with foot stirrups, draw string waist and double panel in the front,  to wear under a wetsuit or not.  Look as good as you feel!  No need for a plastic bag over your feet to get in your wetsuit when wearing these leggings!

And this is the ultimate RashGuard with thumb holes and a high turtle neck to protect from rashes and rubbing from a wetsuit, but also the ultimate 60+UPF sun protection when worn without a wetsuit.  




SandPants-the ultimate palazzo style pant out of the light as a feather silky soft poly/spandex fabric we sourced and are putting our exclusive prints on them.  They have a fold down waist, flowing legs (standard 32" inseam), wrinkle free, wash and wear.  The best possible travel pants-don't leave home without them.  And they also can be knotted at the ankle to wear like a Haram Pant-no need to hem them that way!!  True to size.