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DiveSkins/SurfSkins - Tiger Shark - Zippered

$ 150.00 USD
SDS 0140

SlipIns DiveSkins are tight fitting, full body lycra suits designed to make it much easier to slip in and out of a wetsuit-wet or dry.  There are comfortable foot stirrups and thumb holes, with a front zipper up to the neck.The real joy is when no wetsuit is needed (obviously!)  Wearing just your SlipIns gives you overall skin protection-excellent sun protection with 60+UPF-excellent protection from stinging critters, fire coral, and abrasions.  The polyester/lycra blend has 4 way stretch, breathes, wicks moisture and dries quickly.  The fit is true to size, but if in doubt, size up.  Being a one piece, torso length is important.  Pair it with our Dive Buff and Dive Sox.

We create our own unique prints and they are manufactured in Southern California.  They are perfect for diving, free diving, snorkeling, surfing, paddling, swimming, skiing, boating, and just enjoying time in the water and sun. Simply put, these are the best DiveSkins on the planet.


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The Tiger Shark is part of our threatened or endangered ocean series.

Fast Facts - Tiger Shark - (Galeocerdo Cuvier)

1.  Up To 14 Feet Long & 1400 Pounds. Fourth Largest Shark On Earth. Tiger Like Stripes Distinct On Juveniles

2.  Hunted Relentlessly By Humans For Fin Soup.  

3.  Found Worldwide In Temperate Tropical Seas.

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