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SlipIns, The World's Finest Protective Suits & Skins, never skimps on safety when it comes to UVA and UVB rays. Our company is serious about style, but the efficiency of our designs and their power to safeguard against the sun is of utmost importance. Our story was born out of a need, a desire to create a wetsuit that was comfortable, and convenient, and allowed those who wore them to be worry-free. There wasn’t anything on the market that felt like it "checked all the boxes", so partners Robin Chesnie and Rick Rickman set off to solve the problems themselves. Eliminating the clumsy (and frustrating) process of getting your wetsuit on and off is part of what put the wheels in motion; Robin was sick of having her surfing experiences be overpowered by the struggle of getting her gear on and off. In 2014, everything was still just starting, and our basic DiveSkins/SurfSkins have evolved into so much more. We set out to streamline and improve our favorite activities, but the products started changing lives in a bigger way than we could have ever imagined.

SlipIns Sun Protective Swimsuit - Plumeria
SlipIns Sun Protective Swimsuit - Plumeria

Feel Relaxed in the Rays: Never Sacrifice Time in The Sun

We knew that SlipIns would make our lives easier but we soon found out how many other surfers and divers felt the same. Yes, they loved the designs. Sure, they were stoked to save on changing time. But perhaps the most wave-making benefit of SlipIns was how the cutting-edge gear was saving people’s skin. A study by Southern Cross University found that "surfers, swimmers, and stand-up paddleboarders are six times more likely to develop melanoma than the general population." Those stats are staggering and feel intimidating when it comes to thinking about your own time spent soaking up rays. Out of 180 surfers who participated in the study, 40% who had a skin check were identified as having pre-malignant or malignant skin cancers. These numbers might make some water lovers give up their favorite pastimes to live a longer lifetime. We’re proud to say that our products have proven to be lifesavers when it comes to this dilemma, and our team loves to hear about people catching waves, worry-free.

Althena Clark, a SlipIns customer, shared her experience with wearing the gear with sun protection being the main goal. Althena raved, "The SlipIns I purchased for my recent vacation was the best investment I made. No sunscreen was my goal because the reefs off of Hawaii are in peril from these chemicals. The suit didn't let me down. I returned to the mainland after 2 weeks of being in the sun almost non-stop. No sunburns."

Skincare and surfing have started to become a hot topic over the past few years as enthusiasts become more aware of the dangers they face. Getting tan is not nearly as important as avoiding sun damage, and studies like Southern Cross University’s have delivered tangible results about the dramatically increased risks. While sunscreen is the most obvious first line of defense, it doesn’t always stand up after a long day of action in the water. You’ll likely lessen your burns, but you won’t get the protection that you will with SlipIns. A fantastic way to protect yourself is by wearing long-sleeve swimwear; you’ll be able to catch waves without your skin catching the heat for it.

DiveSkins SurfSkins - Endangered Leopard Shark - Zippered
DiveSkins/SurfSkins - Endangered Leopard Shark - Zippered

The UVB Breakdown: Understanding Why You Should Shield Your Skin

Our world has become increasingly aware of the dangers of getting too much sun exposure, but we aren’t often privy to the numbers you should be looking out for when you’re scanning the surf data. When the UV Index is three or above, surfers and divers are more likely to be exposed to helio hazards. Becoming knowledgeable about your favorite surf spot’s index is a strategy all surfers should add to their routine. Just to put it in perspective, the beaches in Santa Barbara, California start to go above the moderate UV Index as early as 10 a.m. and by 1 p.m., levels can reach up to 7.5. The goal of products like our long sleeve swimsuits is to give our customers the freedom to spend the day doing what they love without letting the UV Index deter them.

Many of our clients have shared their personal experiences with life-threatening melanomas as a direct result of too much time in the sun and too little emphasis on protection. As clients have told their stories of struggle, we have become connected to them on a personal level. We are invested in their skin’s health and their safety, so we make all our designs boast a 50+ UPF level. UPF stands for the Ultraviolet Protection Factor in clothing, and it measures the percentage of UVB and UVA rays that can get to your skin through the fabric. SlipIns 50+ UPF means that 98% of the sun’s rays won’t penetrate through, dramatically lowering your risk of skin cancer and melanoma. When surfers and divers don gear with this level of UPF, they can skip out on sunscreen in those areas entirely. SlipIns long-sleeved bathing suits have built-in thumb holes to ensure your protection goes even farther. Surfers and divers won’t miss out on any mobility while simultaneously enjoying their "second skin" to protect themselves from the sun.

SlipIns Sun Protective Swimsuits - Nautilus
SlipIns Sun Protective Swimsuits - Nautilus

Our story started with one little moment and became a movement. Rick said he will never forget the afternoon Robin pitched the idea of creating a product that will make it much easier for women to actually enjoy surfing, and he knew she had hit something big. Two weeks after the initial spark, Robin’s light bulb had lit up larger than life. She pulled out an old full-body lycra catsuit, reminiscent of the Jane Fonda workout days, put it on before her wetsuit, and the rest is history. The invention of SlipIns had begun as a time-saver and turned into a lifesaver. Now customers everywhere roll in with rave reviews as they spend time in the sun with no need to check the clock.

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