You've Lost That Bikini Body




I was in the shower today and humming 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling' and looked down and resang it as 'You've Lost That Bikini Body'.   I'm sure many of you reading this will relate.  I felt pretty lucky to have sported a bikini longer than expected, but then something just happens and it ain't there anymore.  Not that I've gained weight really, its more the texture of the skin and general shape that has changed.  I'm not a happy camper about it.  But, you know what, at this point, more coverage is a much sexier look for me.  And honestly, it is one of the reasons I live in my SlipIns.  I like having by arms and my midriff covered and it is a more flattering look.  And even my legs look better covered.  So, yes, protection from the sun is crucial, but I know I spent way too many decades soaking up the sun and am paying for that now.  Now it's more about hiding all the damage I did before.  Its funny, but the thumb hole we have in all our long sleeves is a blessing too-it covers the brown sun spots on top of my hands. 

I apologize to all the younger gals reading this, and maybe having no clue how to relate to this conversations, but one day you too will look down and say 'I've Lost That Bikini Body'!  Be Smart and Wear Your Sun Protection!

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  • Barbara Lane Nadalo


    I left you a long V.M. today.
    Also, a nice big order on THIS sight.

    Please confirm that I would like to order another
    Electric blue in SMALL. My telephone message
    will tell you all.
    Let me know whether you can add this to the order you said you could send out tomorrow morning.
    I am having trouble getting my email (AOL) on my Apple computer. Safari has decided they do not want to open my AOL mail. So please call me
    to let me know you can add this other SMALL.
    I’m going to return the purple one to the other website. I hope it’s possible to do so. My phone message to you will explain.
    Thanks again for helping get this to me quickly!
    Barbara. PS – I love your blog !!! Ditto Ditto Ditto

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