Yikes Sun Protection is an Important Habit to Embrace.

Yikes, its still hard for me to say this.  I'm a blonde, somewhat fair skinned, of Norwegian heritage.  Raised in South Florida, it was our annual summer rite of passage-to get that sunburn that then peeled, and bled.  Nose, shoulders, back, all over red that hurt.  But then we settled in to getting 'the tan'.  Baby Oil, Iodine, bring it on.  The tanner the better!

I kind of equate this with the learning that smoking causes lung cancer!  As we now know all too well, it does.  And so does sun exposure cause skin cancers, and some can be deadly.  We probably all know or have heard of someone who has had disfiguring surgery as a result of skin cancer/melanoma and/ or has died of it.  

And then there is the irrefutable aging of the skin from sun exposure.  YUCK and I mean YUCK.  I see my girlfriends who had embraced the idea of sun protection all their lives ( or most of it anyway) and I marvel at how amazing their skin looks   Why oh why did I not do that!!  Was the goal of the golden tan really worth it!?!

So here I am, 3 years in to creating our SlipIns Sun Protective Water Wear, and maybe it's just my awareness now, but I really do think there are more women, men and children taking the idea of sun protection more seriously.  We have been asked over and over and over to create really cute water wear for kids in our amazing sun protective prints that the kids will love to wear.  So just this coming week we are launching our SlipIns Mommy and Mini Me line of Rash guards and Boy Shorts  And also more and more men have been asking for our DiveSkins/SurfSkins full body suits to fit them,  Again-coming this Fall-although some men have been successfully fitting in to our current sizing.  The point is, people are asking us constantly to make our sun protective SlipIns for their families. 

We at SlipIns are thrilled to be a part of this very important and healthy trend.  Three years ago we launched SlipIns with the idea of making it easier to get in and out of that pesky wetsuit.  Yes, there is a need for that too!!  But sun protection is much bigger than that! And we are so proud to be a part of that movement.  

It's still a struggle at times to embrace the idea of not getting a tan, or getting less of one.  But I tell you what, when I see young ladies out there surfing or paddling or just hanging out at the beach in those (tinier and tinier) bikinis, I just don't think they are getting the message.  Nor was I at that age, UNFORTUNATELY!!!  

Anyway, I hope you will think of the options, and know that SlipIns is doing all it can to keep your skin protected AND looking great (and SEXY) while you enjoy the sunshine and your favorite water sports.  

SlipIns allows you to have a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP with the SUN!!



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