Whale Sharks in the Maldives

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Sarah Richards, the creator of the amazing Girls That Scuba website, is in the Maldives diving, and she was wearing her SlipIns Whale Shark DiveSkin, hoping to see some sharks on this dive.  Well check out this photograph, best buds with a Nurse Shark, just lounging around on the ocean floor.  Who's having more fun?!?  Any of you gals who are divers just have to check out Girls That Scuba-it is a fabulous resource for advise and suggestions for women divers all over the world.  Planning a dive trip to some place you've never been, need ideas on how to solve a problem or what equipment is best for women divers, this is the most amazing site to get in to conversations with fellow women divers.  And they offer a 20%off discount on SlipIns.  Make it so easy to get in/out of your wetsuit, wear it without a wetsuit in warm waters for skin protection from abrasions, stinging critters, and 60+UPF sun protection, and some are even wearing them OVER their wetsuits because they are such beautiful prints.  Enhance your diving experience with SlipIns.com!!

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