The Joy and Excitement of Wearing a SlipIns

We recently had a long time customer write to us about how SlipIns feel to wear.  It was so beautifully written, I had to ask if it was OK to share these thoughts.  

"Each pattern/print has a wonderful emotion associated with it.  I can't wait to experience more of your beautiful designs.  They make me anxious and excited to surrender everything and slip in to its warm silky beautiful embrace."

"Each new color of SlipIns is a new adventure in feeling and emotions.  Fuchsia Nudi-a feeling of pretty and smiles all over my body the first time I tried it on.  Whale Shark-I feel like a Mermaid Princess.  Long sleek lines, shimmering material, fluid silky feel."

Have you experienced something so joyful when trying on a new garment?  If not, maybe its time to experience the joy and excitement of wearing SlipIns!!  We make styles that combine function with fun and fashion.  All our fabrics have 60+UPF, so the best sun protection, make it easier to get in/out of a wetsuit, great skin protection from abrasions and stinging critters when worn on its own.  And we make our fabulous SlipIns for Women, Men and Girls (sorry little guys-for now).  

If you have experienced anything remotely like this when wearing SlipIns, let us know.  We so love to hear from our family of SlipIns wearers!!



Robin and Rick


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