SlipIns Protection - Beating The Fire Coral - A Real World Story


I'm sure you've had that feeling.  Standing on the deck of the dive boat you feel the beauty of the day, feel the warmth of the sun, and you know that the day is going to be great.  It was one of those exact kind of day for Rachel, a dive master/instructor who was just about the guide a group of divers into an area that she loves.  Because the water temperature was very warm, Rachel decided to just throw her rig on over her SlipIn DiveSkin and not bother with a wetsuit.  " I love my Aqua Mermaid DiveSkin. It is so beautiful underwater," she says. It was the perfect day to just get in the water with only the SlipIn DiveSkin.  The group of relative new divers were so excited and anxious to get down below.  Rachel, who meticulously guides groups and gave last instructions to her charges. There as a bit of surge in the water but for the most part the water conditions were almost perfect.  

When the group entered the water Rachel was pleased to see that the majority of the group were following the dive plan and directions for a safe and fun dive.  The sea reefs were gorgeous and the channels between the reef structures were full of life.  Rachel made sure to direct and point out various points of interest and continued to keep most of the group working well together.  

At one point one pair of divers had strayed into an area that was a bit shallower than other areas and, because there is fire coral in the area Rachel swam back to lead the two into deeper less surging water.  In very efficient fashion Rachel got the pair's attention and directed a safe path for the pair to get back to the group.  At one point, she swam back behind the two and as she turned to follow up a large surge caught her and forced her up against a large field of fire coral.  The coral contacted her body on her right side.  Rachel immediately knew what had happened and she was surprise to see that the only place that her body was reacting to that fire coral contact was a spot on the palm of her hand that wasn't covered by her SlipIn DiveSkins.  

When Rachel came back to the states, she came over to the SlipIns headquarters to tell stories of her trip.  Over a glass of wonderful red wine she told us about her latest trip.  She said, " you guys always told me that the SlipIns DiveSkins were the best stinger and abrasion suits on the market."  " I love your suits but was always a little skeptical of that claim."  " I'm now a true believer after my experience with the fire coral."   It's nice to know that the claims about the DiveSkins can be verified and will improve people's diving experiences.

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