Preserving Our Oceans Endangered Wildlife Is Our Mission


At the beginning of 2019 the founders of SlipIns came to the conclusion that we have to get more involved with the preservation of our ocean health.  We started this process by creating some patterns for our products that replicate the patterns on some of our ocean's most endangered and threatened creatures.  We started with the gentle giant of the ocean, the WhaleShark and followed that up with the unique Ornate Eagle Ray, the amazing Stripped Leopard Shark, the Tiger Shark, and the Hawksbill Sea Turtle.  Beacause there are so few Hawksbills left in the world and there is a wonderful non profit preservation organization doing good works to protect and repopulate the amazing animals we decided to join in those efforts with this organization called,  See Turtle.  This group, located in Beaverton, Oregon, has established an easy way to help preserve these wonderful creatures whose very existance helps sustain our all important reef structures in the oceans.  They allow everyday people to help their cause by directly donating money to the cause of sea turtle preservation.  By donating as little as $ 1.00 you can save 10 turtle hatchlings.  By donating $ 65.00 you can adopt and protect one Hawksbill turtle nest or a particular Hawksbill sea turtle.  We hope that you will visit the website at;

  Become familiar with the good work this group is doing.  For very little money you can begin to save a marvelous creature that helps the health of the ocean.  It's long overdue for everyone to take a more active roll in preserving the vital creatures of our precious ocean environment.  We need to Treat Our Oceans Like Our Lives Depend On It, Because It Does.

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