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Our Uniquely Designed New Springsuit.

Posted on May 08 2020

Our Uniquely Designed New Springsuit.



In water sports it's difficult to find new designs.  It's especially difficult to find anything really new in Springsuits.  Now however, SlipIns has design something very exciting and new and it changes how Springsuits perform in water sport activities. SlipIns Springsuits have been designed to provide no restrictions in motion.  The shoulders are cut to eliminate any rotation resistance which will provide higher performance for surfers, paddlers, kayakers, freedivers, and any other water sport activity. The combination of our very soft 1mm neoprene bodice and spandex/poly long sleeves make this new suit unique. This new freedom of motion and extra warmth factor provides the perfect suit for medium to warmer waters activities.  Our ambassadors who are wearing our new SlipIns Springsuit are raving about the comfort the new suits provide but also the figure flattering effects. They are also saying that they have never felt more beautiful in a wetsuit design before.  It's always been SlipIns intent to make the people who wear our suits be as beautiful as possible.  The new SlipIns Springsuits accomplish that desire perfectly.  Give yourself a chance to see how beautiful you can be on the beach or in the water.  Go to;  to check our our new look.  You will love these new SlipIns Springsuits.



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