Melanoma Awareness Month of May

May is the perfect month to heighten the awareness of the harmfulness of sun exposure as we head in to the soon to be summer months, where fun in the sun are part of what we do.  I remember as a child growing up in South Florida, we rubbed on the baby oil, put on our bikinis and proceeded to get the first 'sun burn' of the summer.  Blistering and peeling, and scabs on our noses was the routine.  We were working on that golden tan all summer long.  

I must say we have come a long way, at least as far as our awareness of the harmfulness of the sun.  But that really hasn't lessened the desire to tan and expose as much of our skin as (decently) possible.  I honestly get embarrassed when I see how little of the body is covered these days by bikinis and by such very young girls.  YIKES.  

It is predicted that over 91,000 new cases of Melanoma will be diagnosed in 2018, and over 9300 will die of this deadly skin cancer.  And in addition to that scary fact, we all know now how damaging the sun is to the look and texture of our skin.  

As we are now realizing, sun screen is not the only and best answer to staying protected.  We need to apply such large amounts of sun screen and at least reapply every two hours while out in the sun.  Unpleasant and pretty unrealistic.  Plus there are parts of the world, now even including Hawaii, that ban sun screen in the oceans, due to its harmful affects on coral,etc.  

So the timing could not be better for the ability to Wear Your Sun Protection, as in a physical barrier!  And the Finest Sun Protective Swimwear just happens to be SlipIns with 60+UPF!!  Whether you are looking for the full body style, the rashguard style, or the long sleeve one piece swimsuit style, SlipIns has you covered in the most beautiful custom prints.  We have created our excellent reputation with our Women's styles, but now we have great SlipIns for Men, and Young Girls too.  

Raise your awareness of the unmistakeable need to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays without ruining your Fun in the Sun.  Check out, seek a bit more shade, and educate yourself about some types of sunscreen that are less harmful to our oceans.  


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