And EVEN MORE Love for the UNITARD

We have just sponsored such a fun Yoga Challenge with some incredible yogis.  It was MAYBeFlexible, and wow oh wow, were there gals ever flexible.  One of them @yogachia just wrote to me and I had to share her story.

Hi Robin!

Thank you so much for sponsoring our yoga challenge. Your beautiful unitards made us really stand out. I love the unitard. It's the first time I ever wore one and I'm pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it is. It's also got a flare of sexiness too it to make it very nice, but not too much, just right.

I plan on wearing it for many more instagram photos.

Thank you! And I love the collage that you featured me in as well.

Have a great day!

Melissa - yogachia_ 😊

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  • Connie Kamm

    Please Robin consider making more unitards. They are so great. I would love them in all the new shark and turtle materials. I think it was a big mistake to leave that style behind.

    Connie, your loyal customer in Malibu

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