Inspired by Jagger

Robin Chesnie and Rick Rickman, the owners/founders of have always been fans of The Rolling Stones. The music is great they say but the longevity and stamina of Mick Jagger has been phenomenal to watch.  Both Chesnie and Rickman traveled extensively to get to live concerts by Jagger and the Stones and have seen almost every live performance and tour the group has put on.  

It's really no wonder that when SlipIns decided to create a limited edition Mini, Rickman created a print that resembled those infamous lips of Mick Jagger.  "I was working on the pattern and started playing with images and all of a sudden there was image on screen that so looked like that famous mouth and I just about jumped out of my chair with excitement," Rickman said.  It was at that moment, Jagger was born.  It was beautiful, sexy, and body contouring in a way that maximizes the beauty of a woman's figure.

These are such a great gift item for anyone you know who is into any type of water sport or activity. There will only be a very limited number released world wide so, don't delay. Get yours now.  You'll find you can move like Jagger and look great doing it!


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