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SlipIns DiveSkins Are Here

Posted on May 07 2015

We recently participated in a 3 day Scuba Tent Sale at Ocean Enterprises in San Diego.  They had discovered our colorful SlipIns and ordered all our colorful prints for DiveSkins.  They are selling like 'hautecakes'!!  

Almost every gal trying on a new wetsuit took a SlipIns in the dressing room with them (and it was obvious who had not taken one!) and Voila, they were very happy ladies.  A few days later I received an email from one of the customers.  He said "First off I would like to start by saying thank you for such an excellent product.  My wife loves her SlipIns!!  Her least favorite part of getting scuba certified recently was putting on her wetsuit.  I was not there for her pool training days and she actually cut open almost all her knuckles putting her 7 mil suit on.  I helped her get it on the second day, and by day three we had found your product and it completely changed her attitude.  So thank you for that!  Everyone in her scuba class asked her about it and they were all quite jealous!"


This kind of email and feedback makes all our hard work worthwhile.  Starting a small business takes a lot of time, money, creativity and perseverance.  You have to deeply and wholeheartedly believe in your product.  That is what keeps Rick and me going.  We know in our heart of hearts that our SlipIns are great products, useful products, beautiful products and bring a level of fun back into whatever activity you are doing.

"Look as Good as YOU Feel"

Thanks for all your support.  


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