Celebrating and Saving Sharks

Celebrate Shark Week
DiveSkins/SurfSkins - Whale Shark - Zippered

The SlipIns team is proud of the reef-protecting products we offer. And, while our designs pay tribute to a wide range of ocean animals, sharks are one of the most fin-tastic creatures we strive to raise awareness about. So, we’re declaring July to be Shark Month!

The Importance of Shark Conservation

As apex predators, sharks play a significant role in balancing the ocean’s ecosystem. Their presence helps to keep prey populations in check and dispersed throughout the ocean so that no one area is overgrazed. For example, tiger sharks have helped seagrass habitats thrive since they keep the green turtle population balanced.

Sharks also play a crucial role in preserving coral reefs. They keep predatory fish populations in check so that there are enough herbivorous fish around to feed on algae. This, in turn, keeps algae in check so that it does not overgrow and suffocate the corals that grow in that area.

save the sharks
DiveSkins/SurfSkins - Whale Shark - Zippered

Simple Ways to Help Save Sharks

Conserving sharks is key to helping maintain the delicate balance of our seas, so that future generations can continue to enjoy diverse plant and animal life for years to come. But what can the average person do to help make a difference? Here are some practical ways to boost the shark population and enhance the overall health of the oceans we love to surf and dive in:

  • Ditch single-use plastic
  • Report any stranded sharks you see or ones that you see being mistreated
  • Choose sustainable resources for the fish you eat (we recommend using this tool)
  • Support the shark fin sales elimination act by signing the petition
  • Donate to shark conservancy organizations
  • Learn more by expanding your oceans knowledge base.

Shark Week 2022

This year, from July 24-30, the Discovery channel will hold its annual tribute to sharks known as "Shark Week." View their schedule for an array of shark-themed shows and original programming when you tune into either Discovery or Discovery+ on the device of your choice. It’s a great way to learn more about sharks and how to safely share the sea with them.

Shark Allies
SlipIns Sea Legs - Sun Protective Leggings - Tiger Shark

A Spotlight on Shark Allies

Shark Allies is an incredible non-profit organization out there on the front lines fighting for the protection and conservation of sharks. SlipIns is proud to partner with this worthy organization in a special way during Shark Week this year. We’re donating 5% of ALL sales made during July 24-30 to help fund Shark Allies’ conservancy efforts!

If you’re not familiar with Shark Allies, they originated in Hawaii back in 2007 and in 2014 it was incorporated in California. Its history is deeply rooted in curbing the overfishing of sharks, with state-level legislation to end the shark fin trade and working with exploitative industries. Shark Allies helped bring about the shark fin trade ban in Hawaii in 2010. Since then, 14 US States, 3 territories, and many Pacific Nations have passed similar bans to protect sharks.

Today, the organization continues its campaigns to increase shark-protective legislation around the world. Currently, Shark Allies is tackling valuation studies in some of the hottest shark spots around the world, to leverage stronger protections for shark populations. The first one will be released during Shark Week, on the Great White shark territory of the West Coast, Guadalupe Island! Shark Allies is currently fundraising for valuation studies to follow.

To stay up to date about all their amazing work, follow their Instagram pages, @sharkallies, and @thesharkcafe

Catch Kinga Philipps on Shark Week
DiveSkins/SurfSkins - Tiger Shark - Zippered

Catch Kinga Philipps on Shark Week

Speaking of Shark Allies...make sure to catch board member Kinga Philipps when she appears on Shark Week this year, July 28th at 11 am ET & July 30th at 9 pm ET on Discovery and Discovery+. She’ll be proudly wearing her Tiger Shark DiveSkin as she promotes shark conservation and helps reshape the public’s image of this often-misunderstood animal.

SlipIns is one of Kinga’s biggest fans. This journalist-explorer has more than two decades of experience surfing and diving. She’s also served as a writer, producer, and on-camera journalist for iconic networks such as NBC, ABC, National Geographic, and CBS, among others.

From free diving with tiger sharks to hosting last year’s Shark Week on the Discovery channel, Kinga stays busy journaling and exploring her way around the globe. She also enjoys supporting the humanitarian and environmental causes close to her heart while sporting her favorite SlipIns gear.

Keep up with Kinga by following her on Instagram - @kingaphilipps

Get in the Shark Week Spirit

We’re SUPER excited about Shark Week this year! Kick back, grab some snacks, and slip into your favorite SlipIns’ shark-themed products to express your passion for protecting these fascinating ocean animals. Be sure to tag us on Instagram @slipinsurfskins wearing some of the shark-themed gear, such as our DiveSkin/Surfskin - Endangered Leopard Shark, Dark Blue Long Sleeve Swimsuit - WhaleShark, and Sea Legs – Sun Protective Leggins - Tiger Shark.

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