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Christina Zenato And Her Shark Friends

Christina has become world famous as a Shark researcher.  She was recently featured on National Geographic's Shark Week.  Here is a viewing of that feature.  We are so honored that Christina wears a SlipIns DiveSkin under her wetsuit and chain male everytime she's in the water.   Please watch and appreciate her knowledge and concern for the eco balance of the oceans.


SlipIns New Tavarua Teal Springsuit Debut

SlipIns is always working to be an innovator in the water sport industry.  We have produced a new springsuit that we believe is revolutionary in its design and function and we are proud to present it to you here for Summer 2020. This combination of 1mm neoprene bodice and spandex/poly sleeves allow the wearer to perform at utmost potential and stay warm in water between 65 - 70 degrees.  Go see for yourself at


SlipIns New Springsuit Is Here

SlipIns has always been working to make people taking part in water sports and activities more beautiful.  The brand new Springsuit continues that endeavor.  Once you get into one of these 2 new Springsuits you will look more beautiful than you ever imagined.  Check them out at


Robin Chesnie Explains The History of SlipIns



SlipIns New Springsuit is the hottest thing going.  You've got to put it on and you will be a convert.  Check it out to day.


One of the most gratifying thing that happens here at SlipIns is when people who wear our product send us fun action videos that show them in action.  We got one today from a woman who loves to wear our sun protective swimsuits and diveskins while she pursues one of her favorite activities.  She love to surf and she says that the skins help her get into her wetsuit so much easier.  The other great thing is the skins make her look soooo great.  Thanks Jessie!



Sometimes when you are involved in an undertaking you hope that what you produce will be liked by people and your efforts might be successful.  When Robin and I started SlipIns we wanted to produce a product that would make people love the water and make swimming and diving more fun.  Sometimes you feel like you're on the right track when people like Raina Mermaid take the time and effort to tell people why our products are worth buying.  Take a couple minutes and see what she thinks.



Our own Robin Chesnie explains the history of SlipIns in a fun video.



The Latest SlipIns Products All In One Place



Cristina Zenato Putting On That 7mm Wetsuit & Chainmale With An Assist From SlipIns

If I  count the times I have spent in a wetsuit and chainmail I am sure it would beat the number of times I have been in a dress and heels. Being with the sharks is almost a daily event and donning all the gear can at times become a lot of work, that needs to be completed in a timely manner to not let my guests and students wait. I love my Neptunic chainsuit, but let's face it, it's silver and life deserved to be lived in colours.

I fell in love the Slipins colours and prints since the first day I saw them, they really bring a smile to my face when I am wearing them, and quickly realized the incredible help they are in donning my 7mm suit in just a few moves. I love to change between one and the other, their fabric is very soft and they are very resistant to my daily use and abuse. 




Swimming With The Whale Sharks

We created our new Sensations of the Sea series of DiveSkins to help ocean enthusiasts commune with some of the greatest and most endangers and threatened creature in the oceans.  We also give money from the proceeds of these sales to Non Profits that work to help ensure the survival of the amazing creatures.  #whalesharkdiaries  #mariabb8  


Siren Williams having some fun in the sun and surf on some of her adventures in the Reflections pattern that has been so popular here at SlipIns in 2018.

When you need to wear something to protect you from those pesky stinging critters or protect you from fire coral, SlipIns DiveSkins are the ticket.  They will also help you get into that heavy 5, 6, and 7 mil wetsuits which can tax even the most limber experienced divers.  As you can see we also create some of the most beautiful patterns found anywhere in the world. We are also the highest quality sun protection found anywhere in the world.  Check us out and give the fish something pretty to look at.



When it's important to be protected from the sun, there isn't anything on the market that's better than SlipIns.  We are 60+ UPF which basically protects you from almost all the harmful rays of the sun.  One of our customers recently went to the Maldive Islands to surf and he has had real issues with melanomas.  His dermatologist told him in no uncertain terms that he had to protect him self from the sun.  He came to us and purchased a SlipIn full body SurfSkin and reported back that he was able to stay in the water  for 5 hours without even a hint of redness.  He said the sun in the Maldives is more intense than anywhere he's been and the SurfSkin was a life saver.  "I can't not surf," says Kurt Arnold and this suit is a lifesaver.  He came back and now has 2 more.  We love to hear about our customer's Adventures and how our sun protective water wear helps them live their lives to the fullest.





 What A Great Day is indeed just that and shows off SlipIns in such grand style. Slyvia Ciudad is one of our wonderful Ambassador from Spain and has discovered how fun and functional our line of Water Wear is.  Check out her latest video.

What a Day! from Kiteloop Videography (Deivis) on Vimeo.






 We had a number of firsts this year.  One of those was a trip to the DEMA ( Diving Equipment Manufacturers Association )show in Las Vegas.  The world shows up there and tiny little SlipIns made quite a splash.  We got a lot of media attention like this video from Scubaverse.


Here's something fun from one of our retail associates on Maui.  They are called Jammin On Maui.  They handle SlipIns Haute Minis.  Extensive sun protection is vital on the islands.  Check out the fun.


We Love to go to the Scuba Show in Long Beach every year because is gives us a chance to really interact with our customers and introduce our new lines to the world.  It's always so much fun.




SUP Magazine is working hard to promote safety and enjoyment of Stand Up Paddling.  We are great proponents of safety as well and wanted to be part of the endeavor to help people stay safe on the water. So, we are hoping you will take a moment to watch this quick safety tip video




SlipIns at the Scuba Show In Long Beach at the Convention Center
















It's Summertime and SlipIns believes it's important to have fun, be happy and look great.  So, have the best summer possible and keep a smile on your face.


The Magnificent Cuchira

It not often that you find something so special that you want to share it with the world.  Tamara Levinson has come up with a beautiful melding of Yoga and dance and has made a captivating performance art and exercise regimen.  Her moves are amazing and really get to the heart of how Yoga can create a flexibility in the body that no other form of exercise can really create.  We love to see her perform and hope that you will enjoy her phenomenal abilities as well.

Yogance is a melding of Yoga and dance. Tamara Levinson has perfected that blending of dance and yoga and has turned the combination into a captivating and beautiful art form. She will astound you with her strength and flexibility but inspire you to greater things. If you find what she does as exciting as we do, please go to and enroll in one of her classes. You won't regret it You can also find her @cuchira on instagram. We know you will be captivated, inspired, and excited by the prospect of what your body is capable of.  And the perfect outfit is a one piece unitard, colorful SlipIns GymSkin.

We are flying into a new year with lots of excitement on the horizon.  It's been such fun to hear how some of the people who have been wearing our SlipIns feel about our SurfSkins & GymSkins.  It's also fun seeing how talented and artistic some of the members of our SlipIns family are.  It's fun to watch.

A quick but very cute way to stay color coordinated while wearing your SurfSkin.

Leslie Fightmaster, an exceptional yoga instructor, demonstrates some of her yoga moves in her SlipIn GymSkins.

Jacqueline Getz having a great afternoon in her spotted cat with a moderate swell.

Ahlia Hoffman and Travis Long are some of the finest tandem surfers and this is all about this pair.