What Are Surf Leggings?

We’re all familiar with the usual warm weather surf gear: Bikini and perhaps a rash guard, or even a pair of board shorts. Why would you need more?


But surf leggings have officially become a thing. And for good reason.


Surf leggings, or Sea Legs, were made to mimic popular athletic leggings, with thin, fast-drying fabric, 4-way stretch for ease of movement, and chaffing reduction. They were designed to allow freedom in the water while minimizing some problems we’ve all experienced (like sunburn).


Women surfers have discovered how these leggings can improve and even enhance their surfing experience in several ways.


Surf leggings offer UPF sun protection

Surf leggings often offer superior sun protection. That means you’ve essentially got a powerful sunblock from waist to ankles. They won’t wash off, and they will protect your skin from the sun’s most damaging rays. Bonus: No more wasted time slathering sunscreen on those areas, and you’ll be using less sunscreen product overall (that’s good for the ocean environment too!).


Surf leggings are a stylish alternative to bikini bottoms

We love our bikinis too. What we don’t love is losing bikini bottoms to a wipeout or revealing more than we intended for an embarrassing moment. Surf leggings stay glued to your skin in the water. And they’re not see through. They come in stylish ocean-inspired designs that look great in the water and on the sand (check out SlipIns Jammin Jellies and Whale Shark styles to name just a few).


No more sliding around

We’ve all experienced the sunscreen slip and slide on our surfboards at some point, especially when we’re in a bikini with more sunscreen-slathered skin showing. Covering your legs with surf leggings instead of sunscreen eliminates the sliding and lets you get back to surfing.


what are surf leggings slipins sea legs


Surf leggings prevent surf rash from board shorts

Some of us wear board shorts over our bikinis. They provide a bit of protection against the sun and sliding around. But they do not protect us from surf rash. Friction-related irritation causes surf rash and board shorts are often to blame. Surf leggings stretch tight over your skin and help to avoid that friction-related irritation.


Versatile from sea to land, surfing to yoga, and everything in between

One of the best things about surf leggings is their versatility. They are ideal for most sports because they are fast-drying and uber stretchy. Take them on a run, to your yoga class, and into the gym. They’ve actually become a staple in most of our wardrobes because they’re just so comfortable. They’re great for lounging, errand running, and hanging out with friends.


Surf leggings have become a popular choice for many reasons. New styles and trends will always come and go. But surf leggings have become a top choice for water sport athletes to enhance their ocean experience, reduce sun damage, and look all around awesome while they do it.



Check out assorted SlipIns surf leggings designs!


surf leggings slipins sea legs for surf rash and sun protection

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