The Big Questions For Consumers These Days

There are so many diverse opinions and questions in the consuming market that drives contemporary consumers to spend money for goods produced in the world.  The questions are varied and valid.  What's the overall quality and durability of the goods themselves?  Do we spend money on products that use recycled materials? Should we be concerned with where the product is made?  Is there a benefit to wearing the product? Is the product manufacturer supporting what's important in the world or sector of use?  These and several other questions seem to be driving various opinions on where consumers should spend their money and rightfully so.  

SlipIns is always taking these question into account.  We decided, if we couldn't make our product in the United States we weren't going to create this company.  We have always said that helping to be a positive part of this country is one of the most important principals of business.  We are proudly created in the USA and, more relevantly, we are able to support the local community of Southern California by being made here in California.

SlipIns is also extremely conscious of the increasing hazzard of sun overexposure.  There has been a 63% increase in the level of skin cancer due to sun overexposure in this United States.  This was another of our major concerns regarding our social responsibility to try to reduce this preventable hazzard for people who love water and beach activity.  California is one of the hubs of those kinds of activities and we wanted to be a benefit to this community because we live here and are actively engaged in those same water and beach activities.  So SlipIns came up with a specific combination of tightly woven fabric and and dye sublimation that provides one of the highest levels of Sun Protection available anywhere with 60+UPF.. 

Some people think that the most important thing to can do is to use recycled materials but many studies now show that many recycled materials used in fabric doesn't have the durability of well woven polyester/nylon/spandex fabrics that are proven not to have memory.  Memory is the effect that causes gapping and stretching that will cause garments to be ill fitting and ultimately stretch out.  We at SlipIns have found that using our proprietary weave of fabric has the finest quality, strength, comfort, and most importantly longevity of anything now available.

When in the water as often as many of our customers are it's important to stay protected from abrasions and stinging sea critters and SlipIns Sun Protective DiveSkins are protection against all of those hazzards.  Sea Nettles, Jellyfish, Sea Lice, Fire Coral can't penetrate the SlipIns suits.  This fact just enhances the wonderful functionality of our diveskins.  We decided early on that to have purpose we had to have real functionality.  SlipIns are beautiful but, were not just a pretty face.  We protect the wearer totally.

One of our most important concerns for SlipIns is for the health and well being of the ocean.  That's why SlipIns donates substantial funding to ocean related causes.  We are dedicated to supporting endangered species like the Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Whale Sharks, Ornate Eagle Rays, various shark preservation societies and Coral reef protection organizations.  Ten percent of our sales go to these various causes.  Each time a customer buys one of our products we earmark 10% of those sales to these extremely important groups.  This social concern is very important to us because we are at a very important tipping point.  If the world doesn't become more aware of the importance of preserving our oceans we are doomed as a species ourselves.  The various grasses and vegetation structures of our reefs cleans as much CO2 from our atmosphere as the rainforests of South America.  If we loose our reef structures, we will loose the war on global warming.  If we loose our reef structures the ocean will loose the ability production of the micro organisms and plankton that feed the fish populations that produce a major food source for the world.  This will be seriously problematic for human existence going forward.

The SlipIns crew believes that all these aspects are elements or serious importance to being a socially responsible business in the modern world.  We each have to begin to do things that better our planet, our nation, and our communities.  Those are the reasons why we are made in the USA. They are the reasons we help people protect themselves against possible maladies like skin cancer from sun over exposure. We believe that social consciousness designed to protect the ocean is extremely important to protect our oceans from destruction buy helping to fund those causes. We also believe that it's important to help people feel better about  themselves by providing products that make them beautiful.  We also feel it's important to create designs that are proprietary and unique to SlipIns. That's the reason we create all our own designs many of which relate to the ocean.  

One of our customers recently sent us a note which sums up the quality of the SlipIn line very well. 

I love love my SlipIns!!!! it is amazing. I use it for SUP and kiteboarding. First of all it fits amazing. I love the around the thumb part as it keeps the sleeve in place when I wipe out doing jumps. I do lot of free style riding with my kite and the suit stays on amazing :) I also kite surf 2-2.5 hrs at the time and you can only imagine all the UV. This is by far the best sun protection out there. It really works !!! I can not compliment this suit enough. It is beautiful design too. I have also used it for roof top yoga sessions and Hula Hoop at the beach. Material is very soft and feels like silk. It drys fast when out of water and colors don't fade. I am so happy with my purchase that I have purchased full one and also one for my husband. Thank you SlipIns for changing my life. I work as a Nurse and I see patients all the time for surgeries due to sun damage and melanomas, so I know how important it is to stay protected. You can't go wrong with SlipIns.

The SlipIns crew are so pleased to be able to produce something that is beautifully functional, unique in it's origin and good for our world.  

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