Sun, Sand, and SlipIns: Your Shop for Travel Day Guide

Celebrating Shop for Travel Day on January 9th? Join us as we give a head nod to sunny winter escapes and share some of the top SlipIns products we recommend packing for your upcoming trip.
The Allure of Winter Escapes
There’s no better way to kick off the new year than by planning for a warm weather (and warm water) getaway. And while many people focus on snagging deals on airfare and hotels on January 9th, it’s just as important to plan your travel wardrobe so you’ll be ready to hit the waves when you reach your destination.
Reasons to Pack SlipIns
There are a host of reasons why SlipIns make the perfect tropical travel companions. Our products have the versatility and convenience you need to accompany you on your balmy beach vacation.
Their lightweight and space-saving qualities will save you room and lighten your luggage on travel day. And they’re quick-drying and breathable, which means you can minimize how many outfits you bring and feel drier and more comfortable on excursions.
Last, but not least, SlipIns are made with 50+ UPF, 4-way-stretch fabric. Not only does it shield your skin from sunburn and protect the ocean reef from sunscreen-related damage, but helps you stand out and feel more confident in and out of the water. 
4 SlipIns Products to Accompany Your Warm Weather Travels
Whether you’re in need of a whole new wardrobe for your water-themed getaway, or just a few new pieces to supplement your current one, SlipIns has something to suit. Here are four offerings to inspire your splurges on Shop for Travel Day.
DiveSkins: Your Underwater Companion
Anticipating new dives and some snorkeling sessions on your sunny escape? DiveSkins will enhance these experiences. Designed to block 98% of UVA and UVB rays, these suits will have you ditching the sunscreen so you can shield your skin and help keep the sea a bit cleaner while you’re savoring it. Bonus: They come in a spectrum of patterns inspired by the ocean and its array of colorful creatures, so you’re stylish and more visible in the water for safer swims and dives.
Long Sleeve Swimsuits: Fashion Both In and Out of the Water
With our 50+ UPF, figure-flattering swimsuits, you won’t need to pack coverups or extra shirts in your suitcase. Our fashion-forward designs for females range from mermaid and plumeria to whale shark and crystalline to match your unique personality. The long-sleeve style of our suits easily transitions from the surf to a sit-down restaurant. We also have Jammer Shorts for the male water enthusiasts out there. Feel more at-one with the waters you immerse yourself in on your trip while channeling your passion for spotted eagle rays or ocean currents.
Sea Legs and Sun Shirts: Explore in Style
Our Sea Legs and Sun Shirts will take you from yoga sessions to walks at the local market. Your legs will turn heads with stunning styles like Amazing Abalone, Tiger Shark, or Spotted Eagle Ray. Your arms will enjoy some respite from the sun’s glare when you invest in one of our sun shirts. Tip: Opt for one of our hooded sun shirts to shield your hair color and/or your scalp from harmful UV rays.
Resort Wear: Relax in Sustainability
Elevate your look on land with our SOL Collection as you’re regaining your Zen on your sun-drenched getaway. Whether you’re lounging in your room, unwinding at the spa, or enjoying beachside brunch with your significant other, our SOL tops and Sand Pants will caress your skin and express your affinity for all things ocean. And, like the rest of the SlipIns lineup, they’re made from 50+UPF fabric so you rest easy knowing your epidermis is safe from solar exposure. 
SlipIns: Your Shop for Travel Day Destination
With SlipIns, you’ll look and feel great on your upcoming trip, while staying true to your eco-friendly values. We encourage you to catch the wave this Shop for Travel Day and add some SlipIns gear to your cart. Drop us a comment to let us know where you’re headed this winter and what SlipIns gear you’re bringing with you!

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