Self-Care September: Protect & Pamper Your Skin with SlipIns

Mermaids and the Divewear Inspired by Them

Here at SlipIns, we’re celebrating Self-Care September. We encourage you to take part in this month-long observation of tending to your body, spirit, and mind. It’s so important to continuously cultivate routines and habits that promote personal health and happiness.

This month is the perfect time to give a head nod to the practice of prioritizing your skin’s protection. SlipIns is proud to provide such a colorful array of solutions to shield our customers’ skins while they enjoy the water sports and oceanic destinations that make their hearts sing. Join us as we explore the skin-protective qualities of products like SlipIns DiveSkins, Swimsuits, Leggings, and more. We’ll also highlight some reviews from customers who have stepped up their self-care with the help of our offerings.

Sun Protection with SlipIns

As a watersport enthusiast, it’s vital to shield your skin from harmful sun rays while you’re immersing yourself in ocean settings. Skin cancer is a primary concern. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the most preventable risk factor for skin cancer is unprotected UV ray exposure. And, the more sunburns you have, the greater your risk for developing melanoma, one of the most aggressive types of skin cancer. Per The Skin Cancer Foundation, having five or more sunburns can double your chance of getting melanoma.

Cancer isn’t the only health risk of failing to protect your skin while playing in or on the waves. Special skin conditions and disorders can call for enhanced protection when in the water.

Sun exposure can also trigger premature wrinkles and skin growths called actinic keratoses. Cataracts and other eye damage, as well as a weakened immune system, are a few other negative side effects of unprotected sun exposure.

But good news—SlipIns products have a high UPF protection built into them. This means that you can enjoy diving, surfing, snorkeling, swimming, and more while keeping your skin and body feeling comfortable and free from the harmful impact of sun radiation. For utmost protection for water activities, opt for a full-body style like our DiveSkins. And when just lounging around on a boat or the sand, choose a long-sleeved shirt and pants combo from our Sol Collection.

"I dealt with a skin disorder in the past and needed to cover my whole body while out in the sun near the water. I have been looking for a suit like this for the past 11 years and I'm so happy to have finally found it! It's beautiful, the fabric is super soft and extremely comfortable. Thank you so much for such a great product!"

- Perla

"My wife ordered SlipIns for me for sun protection. I spend a lot of time on the water kitesurfing. In 2004 I survived melanoma stage 4. I have been a windsurfer and a kiter all my life since my 20s. I love the ocean and it is my passion. Since the first time I used SlipIns, I felt the quality and excellent protection. In the past, I would use rash guards, but SlipIns are much more comfortable and provide higher UV protection. Thank you for making an excellent product that was much needed on the market. As a skin cancer survivor, I know how important sun protection is and I always tell my daughter and wife to stay covered up as UV in the Caribbean and Florida is extreme even in winter months."

- Greg

Say Goodbye to Pesky Insects and Jellyfish Stings

Say Goodbye to Pesky Insects and Jellyfish Stings

Another aspect of self-care for your skin involves minimizing insect and jellyfish encounters during your ocean recreation. With some swimsuits and dive suits, sea lice can still find their way in between your skin and your suit material causing an itchy rash known as seabather’s eruption. And some watersports like paddleboarding increase your vulnerability to bug bites and stings from insects like bees, hornets, and mosquitoes. SlipIns products have a proven track record of protecting wearers’ skin from these irritations.

"I wore my mermaid bundle kayaking. I have about 10 patterns now. They protect me from the sun, insects, and any water critters like jellyfish. I live on the water! Wearing them is so silky and beautiful in photos too. I look like a fashionista."

- Robin W

The Perfect Choice for Sensitive Skin

Your skin deserves to be sheathed in the softest material when exploring and reveling in your favorite watery landscapes. However, a fair complexion and/or sensitive skin can present a challenge for watersport lovers. SlipIns products are designed to be gentle on the skin so you can participate in the activities you’re passionate about while staying comfortable.

"I have very fair skin. As a person with sensitive, fair skin, I've always struggled with sun protection and wearing enough (and perfectly timed) sunscreen to stay comfortable and unburned in a regular swimsuit. I have three SlipIns, with Aqua Mermaid being my first (and favorite!). I live inland in the Northwest. I wear them as swimsuits, along with a big hat, in outdoor pools and hot springs to keep my skin covered and free from burns. Thank you, SlipIns, for making my swimming life so much better! Can't wait to continue building my collection."

- Julie

Step Up Your Skincare for Self-Care Month with SlipIns

Step Up Your Skincare for Self-Care Month with SlipIns

SlipIns is honored to play such a key role in watersport enthusiasts’ self-care in September and all year long. It’s so rewarding to ensure that our customers are comfortable and protected on each watery excursion so they can continue to dive, surf, swim, and explore our planet’s splendid seas for many years to come.

Ready to invest in your skin’s health this September? Pick out a DiveSkin or other UPF skin-protective product from our vibrant collection to add to your water-gear wardrobe!

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