Female Divers Listen to This!!


I just received an email from a diver with the Undersea Hunter Group in Costa Rica and had to share her exact words as to why she thinks there are so amazing.  


"I wish I had discovered SlipIns 10 years ago!!  This is a fabulous invention and a life changing discovery for any female diver.  Not only am I able to effortlessly get into my wetsuit without any struggle, but I don't have to wear sunscreen anymore on dive trips!!!

They are so comfortable I could live in these.

Sunscreen is annoying and bad for the environment.  With SlipIns, I have physical coverage from the sun.  It's lightweight and doesn't make you hot at all.  I can't recommend SlipIns enough!!  I have both the full body whale shark one and the half body version.  They are both absolutely wonderful, but if hard pressed to choose, I prefer the half-body.  although that might change if I ever get to use the whale shark one with whale sharks!!  Apparently whale sharks love them!!

I also found the SlipIns IDEAL for use on a liveaboard because with a bikini I used to drip water all over the place FOREVER after a dive.  The bikini would hold water and I could never sit down without getting the couch cushions in the common area soaking wet.  The SlipIns DRY, and they dry very quickly!!  So by the time I'm ready to go inside, there is no longer water dripping everywhere!

On another note, the Dive Buff is INCREDIBLE if you have long hair.  I've fought with my hair (which is so long it almost reaches down to my butt!)  especially while diving for as long as I can remember, and with the dive buff it's been easy to just keep my hair out of my face and from getting tangled on the tank/reg. "

So there you have it first hand from a very experienced diver.  SlipIns do make it super easy to slip in/out of a wetsuit.  SlipIns do dry super quickly.  SlipIns are so comfortable.  SlipIns are not hot to wear.  SlipIns do make sunscreen almost unnecessary-just on the face.  SlipIns do come in full body and one piece swimsuit styles, plus now in rashguards and boy shorts.  SlipIns are for women AND men!!  SlipIns are perfect for on a dive boat or live aboard boat.  SlipIns are perfect stinger suits.  SlipIns are great under a wetsuit, but really ideal when no wetsuit is needed!!  SlipIns are FUN and FUNCTIONAL!!


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