Best Surf Leggings: 4 Ways to Know You’ve Found Them

Leggings have become a staple of our wardrobes, especially during the past year. What’s not to love? Stretch. Comfort. High waists. Who What Wear writes, “…It's safe to say that athleisure and loungewear of any kind have officially become the workhorse in our wardrobes.”

But all too often we find ourselves in that critical failure moment. You know the one. When you realize those new leggings aren’t quite all they were cracked up to be. That moment you realize you’re revealing way more than necessary as you reach for the Trader Joe’s bottom shelf, squat to full depth in the gym, or bend over to pack your bag at the beach. And there’s a crowd to witness the transparency, so to speak.

For those of us who live in the ocean surfing, paddle boarding, diving, sailing, or snorkeling, we have a specific demand for surf leggings: Versatility to wear from water to land. Not to mention adaptable for everyday wear to the gym, the couch, and bestie time (did someone say wine?).

So how do you know when you’ve hit legging nirvana? We’ll tell you in four easy tips.


Surf leggings tip #1: Not see through 

best surf leggings not see through


Sometimes it’s hard to find leggings opaque enough to hide our assets when we’re at the gym. Deadlifts will test them to new revealing moments. But what about when we use them in our water sports?

Water sport leggings, also known as surf leggings, should not be see through, dry OR wet. You’ll want to test your leggings for true opacity during the most critical moments: Workouts and wearing from ocean to land. Look for leggings that will not show undergarments or skin, even when wet, or even when stretched.


Surf leggings tip #2: Fast drying


No one enjoys the feeling of wearing wet leggings for long. Surf leggings should transition from waves to sand with fast-drying fabric. You’ll want fabrics with quick drying capabilities for the full range of versatility and wear, all day, no matter your environment.

And ladies, we all know leggings that hold onto sweat or sea water too long can impact our skin health. The prolonged dampness can contribute to fungal infections, skin irritation, and rash. Fast drying leggings are a must not only for convenience, but our health too.


Surf leggings tip #3: Sun protection 


Fabric sun protection when paddle boarding, surfing, or snorkeling is a must. Sun damage over time causes premature aging and cancer, even to your legs. Most of us would take a jellyfish sting over such things! Luckily that won’t be necessary while surf leggings are around. Ideal surf leggings offer 50+ UPF sun protection to protect against and prevent sun damage. And bonus: they also give you an extra layer of protection against sand scrapes, coral abrasions, and other potential skin injury.


Surf leggings tip #4: Good stretch 

surf leggings best stretch


We all love a good stretch in our leggings. Proper fabric stretch allows freedom of movement, which is especially crucial to avoid a surfing faceplant or balancing your paddle board during unexpected water turbulence. They’re also more comfortable for prolonged wear. And let’s face it: leggings with good stretch just look more flattering.

Your ideal surf leggings should have 4-way stretch, breathable fabric. It not only ups the comfort factor, but makes them much more functional and attractive.


The right surf leggings for you


The four above tips will help you identify the right surf leggings for your activities. In addition to the above, you’ll want to consider size. If your leggings are sagging, especially when dry, you may need to size down. If they are rolling at the waist, you may be more comfortable sizing up. It’s important to find a pair that fit comfortably and stay put. You’ll be glad you did!

SlipIns Sea Legs surf leggings were designed to meet all four criteria: Not see through, fast drying, 50+ UPF sun protection, and with 4-way stretch. If you’re an avid ocean fan, you’ll love the amazing ocean-inspired designs and colors, like Whale Shark, Aqua Mermaid, and Jammin’ Jellies.


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