A Day in the Life of Sea Legs Leggings

Sea Legs

Breathable, sunproof, reef-protective, figure-flattering. These are just some of the ways people describe Sea Legs like me. But what is it like to be one of SlipIns most popular products? Join me as I share with you a typical day in my life.

Waking Up

I set my alarm for 7 am each day - some call me an overachiever, but I see it more as wanting to get the most out of another amazing SoCal day spent living near the ocean. Then I head to the beach for some light yoga and meditation. Flexing my 4-way stretch fabric while listening to the soothing sound of the surf is a great way to start off the day with a calm mind and Zen spirit.

Sea Legs Gym

Gym Time

Next, I head to the gym where I flash my bright patterns while cycling and doing the elliptical. The moisture-wicking material lets the air in, keeping me comfortable as I burn endorphins. I usually like working out, but sometimes I need some motivation. Catching an inspiring podcast or listening to a new playlist on Spotify helps the time go by faster.

Sea Legs friends

Grabbing Coffee with a Friend

At 9 am, I try to meet up for coffee and a protein smoothie with a SlipIns friend. It’s a great way to catch up — and share our latest adventures with each other! You’d be surprised by how many scary, fun, silly, daring stories they’ve lived through as they go about SoCal life (rejoicing in the sand and surf that they love!).

Sea Legs paddleboard

Paddle boarding

Afterward, I hone my paddle boarding skills and soak up the sun rays as they warm my 50+ UPF skin. There’s nothing like balancing on a board to build coordination as you defy gravity by floating on top of the ocean’s surface.

Picnicking on the Docks

I stop by the house to pack a sandwich and snacks, then head to the docks for a scenic picnic. It’s a great place to spot dolphins and sharks while recharging my legs for the rest of the sun-drenched day.

Sea Legs paddleboard

Hitting the Waves

Afternoons are the time for sharpening my surfing, swimming, or diving skills. (Got to change it up, you know?) And, since I have the amazing ability to block 98% of UVA and UVB rays, I can jump right in the water without having to apply greasy, reef-damaging sunscreen.

Making (and Eating) a Homecooked Dinner

Once I’ve appeased my inner water fanatic for the day, it’s time to head home to prep dinner. My go-to meal pairing is a La Croix alongside a simple pasta dish, tofu stir fry, fish tacos, or chicken salad. It’s such a simple ritual to pause and unwind to good music while eating homecooked food on the back porch, inhaling the slightly salty sea air.

Winding Down for the Night

If I’m having company over, I might crack open a new favorite Sonoma wine to try. If it’s just me, though, usually I’ll make a coconut water mocktail. Then I’ll walk a few blocks down to the beach to catch the sunset. The vibrant colors of the sky complement my own bright hues, making me feel at home in a way that nothing else does. Some people say that living by the ocean gets old, but for me, it never does. I guess I was just born for an ocean-focused life.

Seas the Day

Seas the Day (Every Day) with Sea Legs

I hope these humble thoughts will inspire you to "seas" the day yourself, no matter what your daily schedule looks like as you spend as much time as you can cultivating your passion for the ocean, outdoors, and adventure. And, if you ever need a fun friend to spend the day with, consider bringing your own Sea Legs home.

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