Unlikely Believers

I just had to share this story as its so typical and happens all the time.  I have been wearing my GymSkins and Capris for almost a year when I work out at my gym.  I wear my one piece GymSkins and get rave reviews, but only if the gal is 'brave enough' to try it on, will they see how fabulous they feel and how fabulous they look.  Well, another talking point has been the fact that our capris don't have a gusset, as I call it, the 'Bulls Eye' at the crotch area.  I find them repulsive personally.  You bend over in class and 'bulls eye' there is that diamond shape staring right at you.  One of the regulars has told me repeatedly that she would never buy our SlipIns because they did not have gusset.  Finally one of the others ladies at the gym suggested she just try them.  So I gave her a pair of capris to take home and try on.  Next day at Pilates she came up to me and told me she hated me!!!  "Why, did they not work for you?"  'No' she said, 'they are the best, most comfortable capris I have ever worn and now I am going to want them in every print!!!'  You have no idea how big my grin was.  That is why we make these products.  To hear just those words.  And we do, over and over.  

We have just reached our first year in business, and are so proud of what we have produced and how much the wearers love our SlipIns.  We are now making our own prints and what a thrill it is to hear the reactions to them.  Check out all the new prints and styles just released this week!!  Let the journey continue!!


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