5 Ways You Can Save the Ocean Environment

We are avid ocean sports fanatics, boaters, and just plain water babies who want to bask in refreshing salt water as much as possible. And we wager you are the same. That makes us all of one mind with the desire to save the resource that brings us so much joy.


To that end, we wanted to share 5 simple ways you can help save the ocean environment. We can preserve our oceans for generations to come if we work together.


  1. Use less plastic

We’ve all heard this before, but how much do we actually incorporate it into our lives? Yet small steps can make a big difference. Big enough to reduce the annual 17 billion pounds of land-based plastics that leak into the marine environment. It’s exciting to see manufacturers and food makers turn the tide by using less plastic and more environmentally safe packaging. On an individual level, try these plastic reducing steps:

  • Use paper straws (or no straws at all)
  • Use a glass or aluminum reusable bottle or flask instead of mass-produced one-time use plastic bottles
  • Use washable metal cutlery and forego plastic forks, spoons, and knives
  • Use your own reusable grocery bags to avoid using plastic store bags



  1. Fish responsibly / Eat sustainable seafood

What does this mean, exactly? The bottom line is overfishing, loss of habitat, and more are depleting our global fish populations. This not only impacts species, but also the overall health of our oceans at the same time. What can you do? Try and shop or eat only sustainable fish populations. One way to verify is to look for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) labels. Those labels mean the fish was raised in sustainably managed farms. You can also look for specific terms such as “line caught,” or “sustainably harvested.”


  1. Reduce your carbon footprint (conserve / reduce energy)

How can driving a car on the street impact our oceans? Or using home appliances? It’s simple, actually: Burning fossil fuels results in an increase in carbon dioxide, which in turn makes the ocean more acidic. That high acidity impacts all life in the ocean. Humans have created machines and appliances to make our lives more convenient. Unfortunately they place our environment at risk. Luckily small changes here can also be a big help.

  • Bike or walk when you can, or use public transportation
  • Use compact fluorescent bulbs in your home
  • Purchase high efficiency appliances when you can
  • Turn off appliances when not needed

  1. Clean up

This might be the simplest way of all: Clean up after yourself. Whether at the beach, the park, on the trail, or in a public space, clean up. Dispose of your trash responsibly. Do not leave any trace of yourself behind. Along the same lines, do your best to leave natural wildlife, plant life, or ocean life undisturbed. And when it's possible, pick up after others too! We recently caught our friend Chele Starr making an effort to preserve the ocean environment by picking up discarded masks off the beach near her home.

5 ways to save the ocean environment - clean up


  1. Share your knowledge

Share your love of the ocean with friends and family by encouraging them to take on a preservation mindset. You can keep them interested by sharing facts and science about ocean wildlife, and how small efforts like the four suggestions above can actually protect the ocean in an impactful way. Share your knowledge as you learn and adopt different conservation habits. Your recommendations can go a long way in helping shape how others view their part in caring for our oceans, and the entire planet.


Protecting and conserving our environment is a responsibility we all share. As ocean lovers, we are its caretakers, tasked with doing what we can on an individual and group level. Let’s join together for the biggest impact and do what we can where we can.



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