A Resounding Thumbs Up for SlipIns GymSkins

This came in recently from a repeat customer.  This is such awesome validation that all our hard work has been appreciated.

"I absolutely love your gymSkins.  I use them mostly for teaching and practicing yoga.  I've purchased many one pieces (I LOVE one pieces) and have not found the right one for my yoga practice until now.  What sets SlipIns GymSkins apart is the fit and material.  As a curve-ish girl, it was great to finally find a one piece that I truly felt comfortable and secure in.  In regards to the material, the fast drying fabric makes GymSkins perfect for outdoor yoga in the South Texas heat.  Plus, the GymSkins come in very stylish prints.  I often throw a high-waisted boho skirt over mine and head out for the day.  I would 100% recommend this product to everyone I know!"

What more can I say!!!  


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