Battle of the Paddle

What a three day whirlwind we had.  The weather was perfect SoCal summer weather (even though it's officially Fall) and the waves were overhead.  This was the first year it was being held at Salt Creek and it was crazy!!  I have been told this is the largest Paddleboarding event in the world.  An incredible lineup of the best in the sport, including our own Shae Foudy.


Miss Foudy, a Dana Point resident, was ranked #10 in the world by the WPA on the day of her first race at Salt Creek!!!  She did so well over the weekend, in spite of these wild conditions-on the podium for several events!  And she was styling in her SlipIns!!  

This was our first ever vendor event for SlipIns, basically our debut to the Paddle Boarding world!  We had a blast.  




There were quite a few darling gals cruising around in their SlipIns SurfSkin Minis, and they were creating quite a stir.  People were even coming up to them asking to have their picture taken with our SlipIns Girls!!  






They had fun, we had fun, and there are quite a few more women looking as good as they feel in their new collection of SlipIns.  Check out our Instagram @slipinsurfskins and we will continue to post more and more pictures.  



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