We've Been Told We Are Perfect For SUP

Perfect is a big word.  I've never believed that perfection was attainable but, we were told this week by several people I'd consider experts in the Stand Up Paddling arena that we have created something special for their sport.  WOW! It's nice to know that something that we've been having so much fun with is looked at so favorably by SUP enthusiasts.  The thing I'm so pleased about is that the people who get into our products become so effusive over how good they feel on.  Just the other day, one of the finest young competitive SUP participants got into her first SlipIns SurfSkins and was ecstatic over how great they feel.  Shae Foudy, a real up and comer in the sport exclaimed, "and you won't have to slather sunscreen all over you body anymore."  The fact that the SlipIn SurfSkins provide 60+ spf is great but, the best thing about the SurfSkins is that they make you Look As Good As You Feel.  In many cases, they make you look better than you feel.  Anyway, Shae looks so great in her SurfSkin and we wish her the best in the upcoming Battle Of The Paddle competition at Salt Creek.  It will be tough for people to beat her in the race and the only way to compete with her looking so great on the board is to get a SlipIn SurfSkin of your own.  Give yourself a competitive edge at www.SlipIns.com.



You can see a great video of Shae Foudy in her very first SlipIn SurfSkin by going to the link below.  Check it out.  It's so much fun!


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