We Are Bringing Bootie Back

One of my favorite new songs on the radio is 'All About The Bass' by Meghan Trainor, and they are bringing bootie back.  There just seems to be a renewed interest and attention around having a great butt.  And then who can forget in Schrek," oh we like big butts"    It has made me look back on the decades in my life, and there seems to always be a desire to make sure what you wear makes your butt look good.  Tight jeans are a perfect example of that.  And I can hear my aerobics instructors over the years talk about when you walk out of a room, people are not staring at the back of your head!!!  And you want to do what you need to do to make sure your butt doesn't slide down the back of your legs!!!  And then there is this fairly new trend toward wearing your exercise clothes throughout the day, just a little layering and you're good to go for the whole day, so your butt is getting attention the whole time.  

Rick and I have put great effort into making sure that each of our SlipIns styles enhance the look of the butt.  We think we have nailed it with each of them, but OMG, this new SurfSKin Mini is over the top fabulous.  As are the GymSkin Capris!  Stay tuned as more and more of our great pictures of our new products show up on Facebook and slipins.com.  

Increase your bootie fan base by wearing a SlipIns!



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