It's Like The Euphoria Of Sex Only Less Complicated. You Know You Love That Feeling!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I wanted to get your attention so, just shoot me. I'm trying to cut through the BS of why we love to exercise. We all have a tiny bit of vanity that allows us to enjoy those moments when we notice a head turn and a look that says, "WOW, she's looking good."  Those moments are just like a shot of vitamin B-12.  We smile and the rest of the day we have just a little more bounce in our step. Remember that moment when that long, lanky, amazingly put together, Zumba instructor came into class for the first time.  That little voice in your head kept saying, "I'm gonna look like that in 8 months or die trying." Maybe it was the barre instructor.  You know the one with the amazing butt that was so tight you knew you could bounce quarters off the surface.  Face it!  We all want to look like that. 

Well, your friends at SlipIns know that everyone has a secret goal to look better. That's exactly the reason we produce our body contouring, muscle compressing, soft and beautifully designed GymSkins.  Mostly we wanted to help you "Look As Good As You Feel" I'm gonna share this true story with you.  One of our dear friends tried on our Synergy GymSkin the other day for the first time.  She's very conservative by nature and a bit shy.  She came out of the dressing room and said, "I can't believe how great this feels on. I never thought exercise wear could be so soft and yet so supportive."  The most interesting thing was this.  She kept going in front of the full length mirror and exclaiming how good she thought the GymSkins made her look.  She kept sliding her hands across her butt and saying, "My butt hasn't looked this good in a long time and this color is perfect for me." 


Ok, so here's the deal.  You want to look better and GymSkins can help.  Even if you're just starting into the exercise game.  Putting on a GymSkin will make you look better immediately.  It will also make you feel better.  Everyone who tries them on says so.  So, go to the store and buy one.  You're working so hard to look and feel better and you deserve the little extra help. If you buy one I know you'll be pleased beyond belief.  Take a look at the pictures and see just how good they will be on you.  Don't forget, You can Look As Good As You Feel by sliding into a SlipIns GymSkin.

Buy one today and see for yourself.



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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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