Imagine ... It's Better Than Being Naked!

As we have recently launched our SlipIns SurfSkins, those gorgeous colorful full body onesies, very few ladies have been using them with a wetsuit, as we've had such warm water this summer.  It is a beautiful site to see as those surfer girls catch a wave and ride down the line in their ‘stand out in the crowd’ SurfSkins.  Check out some of our videos and pictures on   As an added benefit, they're getting that great 60+SPF sun protection while riding down the line.   With all the recent reports discussing how bad that early sun exposure is, it makes you really pay attention to Sun Over Exposure. As summer draws to an end and the water starts to cool off, we will get back to the main reason that SlipIns SurfSkins were created-for easy entry and exit into and out of your wetsuit!!!   And this goes for those SUP Girls too.  I know that this is a totally new concept but, you've got to feel our silky soft fabrics. Honestly, there has not been a single gal who's put one on and not fallen in love with how it feels.  We feel like “HAPPY” should be our theme song. Are you OK with that Pharrell???  Do yourself a favor and give our SurfSkins a try. I feel very confident you won’t be disappointed…in fact, you’ll feel HAPPY!!

BTW, our SlipIns SurfSkins Minis will be out and on the website in about 10 days!!  Sexy and beautiful they are!!!




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