Revelation Moments

A few days ago I had a revelation moment.  A darling 13 year old surfer girl came over to my house with her dad.  She is quite the accomplished surfer, going into 8th grade, hoping to get on the high school surf team next year.  Quiet, shy, and absolutely adorable.  Sunkissed hair,  golden tan,  the classic image of a SoCal Surfer Girl.  I asked her if she had looked at our website, and she said she had.  No real reaction.  I asked her if she wanted to try on a SurfSkins, and she quietly said ‘sure’.  I showed her all the prints, and she quickly picked out one of the boldest, most colorful prints.  OK, now what.  Her dad and I left the room and she tried it on.  She came walking out of that room in her colorful SlipIns SurfSkins absolutely beaming, it was such a transformation.  She just said ‘COOL’!  ‘It feels so good on”   I took her into the full length mirror, and she was grinning from ear to ear.  I knew we had another true believer.  Whether needing a wetsuit, or not, this SurfSkin just makes you feel good all over.  Being a product where there is nothing else out there like it, it may be hard online to convey how great the wearer feels in their SurfSkins, but it is a 100% that every time someone tries one on, they comment on how comfortable it is.  Silky soft fabric, full of fun factor, and oh so useful, to boot.  Less struggle in that wetsuit, and the 60+SPF when you are doing a water sport where you don’t need that damn wetsuit!! 

We hope you will give it a try too.  


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