The Wetsuit Dance

We've all been through the routine.  The water's cold and you have to get into that 7 or 8 mil wetsuit.  For some people the thought of this process creates extreme anxiety major GI distress.  My wife used to hate the process so much that she had to run to the john 2 or 3 times before she began to climb into the suit.  It also never failed that she would break a well manicured nail or two which elicited a stream of choice words. 

Now, when you get into that SlipIn Diveskin your task of entry and exit of that daunting heavy wetsuit is a much easier adventure.  Sliding in and out is the norm.  Not only that, but when you get the DiveSkin on you will feel soooo beautiful.  The team here at SlipIns know that if you look beautiful you will also feel beautiful and that beautiful feeling will improve whatever adventure you are embarking on.  So why engage in the age old fight?  Just put yourself in a new SlipIn DiveSkin and enjoy the ease you've miss out on and enjoy being beautiful as the same time. 


  • Betsy Small

    Are they actually warm and how is the sizing?

  • Robin

    Actually the anxiety came from the struggle with a 4/3 wetsuit. I hated feeling like a human sausage, Pillsbury Dough Boy, Michelin Man.

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