The Hottest New Springsuit Anywhere

SlipIns has been designing some of the finest Sun Protective Swimwear in the world for the past 5 years.  We've been so excited to see our Sun Protective Swimwear catch on worldwide.  SlipIns feels blessed to have developed such a  loyal following.  Now, we are introducing something truly new and very special. It is our new SlipIns Sun Protective Springsuits and they are designed to give the wearer some great advantages.  These suits are an amazing combination of neoprene and spandex/poly that give an absolutely fabulous visual contrast.  The sleeves are gut in a way that provides the ultimate in free rotation that give the wearer maximum athletic performance no matter what water sport you are engaged it.  As a surfer or standup paddler this freedom of rotation help perform at your very best. As a free diver it provides an added warmth with no resistance. As a scuba diver this added warmth is perfect for your warmer water dives. This new Springsuit also provide our great stinger and sun protection.  You will love this new suit because it makes you look fantastic. What could be better than that.  As all our other products this new SlipIns Sun Protective Springsuit is made in the USA. 


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