Swimsuits for Lap Swimming: Does Your Athletic Swimwear Have Enough Sun Protection?

We can all feel spring in our bones. The sun is out longer. Temperatures are warming. And the water calls our name. Your time in the deep, the waves, or the pool will soon increase whether you’re a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or any other person who simply adores being in the water.


But more time in the water usually equates to more time in the sun. And potential skin damage.


Most of us understand the need for sun protection. That is especially true if we’re frequently exposed to its rays all day at the beach, on a boat, or cruising the river. Our bags are packed to the hilt: Sun block, sunscreen, UV protective clothing, sun protective swimsuits, surf leggings, or divesuits.


What about swimming pool athletes?



Other water sport fans are the pool exercisers, who swim laps or engage in exercises such as water aerobics. Pool-based activity is excellent for strength, endurance, and flexibility. And gentle on the joints!


But pool-based activity gets plenty of sun rays too (unless you’re indoors). How can swimming pool athletes better protect themselves from sun exposure?


It may seem easy to slap a bit of sunscreen on exposed skin and assume you’re good for thirty minutes or an hour. Unfortunately, skin is exposed to damaging sun rays even under your swimsuit. That’s right, sun damage can occur through a swimsuit too. The good news is you can do something about it. Protecting your skin while swimming laps has never been easier, thanks to the introduction of UV sun protective swimsuits.


Benefits of sun protective swimsuits


Sun protective swimsuits like SlipIns swimsuits have multiple benefits for pool-based exercise:


  1. 50+ UPF: SlipIns sun protective swimsuits filter out 98% of UV rays. UPF provides UVA and UVB protection.
  2. Zipper for easy on and off: Use the zipper to easily get in and out of your swimsuit. The zipper also offers additional skin coverage to prevent sun damage and eliminate swimsuit gaping while swimming laps.
  3. Long sleeves: Long sleeves on your sun protective swimsuit keep your arms protected from the sun’s rays.
  4. Not see through: No more worrying about showing more than you intended! SlipIns sun protective swimsuits are NOT see through, wet or dry.
  5. Ocean-inspired designs: SlipIns swimsuits protect your skin from the sun. They also make you the “best dressed” swimmer (check out Aqua Mermaid or Black Turtle to name just a few)
  6. Reduced sunscreen application: Effectively covering your arms and chest with sun protective fabric means you’ll need less sunscreen application.


Protection from summer sun with the right swimsuit


Making sun protection a priority is a must if you’re a pool-based athlete. Sun protective swimsuits help to eliminate sun exposure or damage and allow you to enjoy your favorite water sports activity.


Reduce sun damage to your skin and enjoy brilliant designs to make your next laps session or water aerobics class even better!


Learn more about SlipIns sun protective swimsuits

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