SlipIns With A Wetsuit-Struggle NO MORE


Nora and Vicki are two foreign exchange students from Europe and wanted to try surfing in southern California.  Nora, the girl in the foreground, had never been surfing and never put on a wetsuit before.  She proceeded to put on this stiff 4/3 suit for the first time and it was a very quick process. 

Tracy Young of Dive Training Magazine sent me this email last week.  'My Holidays treated me well in the Bahamas last week.  I wore my SlipIns but have no photo evidence as I was FREEZING and jumped into my wetsuit immediately, which really didn't help much, I'm a wimp!  A lady on the boat watched me putting my wetsuit on and said 'how did you do that so easily?"  I said it's all the SlipIns!  I'm not exaggerating when I say I watched her struggle for 15 minutes to try a wetsuit on before we got on the boat.  I was getting anxious just watching her.  Needless to say, she was in awe of my superb wetsuit skills, thanks to you!'

You too don't need to suffer through the pain and struggles with getting in and out of your wetsuit, slip in to your wetsuit when wearing a SlipIns, great for surfers, divers, snorkelers, kitesurfers, paddlers, etc.  If you unfortunately need to wear a wetsuit for your watersport of choice, get yourself a SlipIns SurfSkins/DiveSkins are struggle no more!

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