SlipIns Sun Protective Swimwear

I just received a very enthusiastic email from a customer who recently discovered SlipIns and this is what she had to say.

Dear Robin and Rick,


I recently received the electric blue Slip Ins I ordered from your company and was immediately impressed with the design and functionality.  As a US Masters swimmer in Alabama, I ordered the Slip Ins to protect my skin against the harsh Alabama sun. 


Our organization typically swims 6 days a week outside and the swimmers in my group recently expressed concern regarding harmful sun exposure.  I am happy to say that I am the first of our group to take preventative measures with a Slip Ins one piece and have no doubt others will follow. 


In addition to swimming,  I am also an avid golfer and tri-sprinter. Once again, prolonged sun exposure is of great concern to my fellow golfers and runners. I believe the Slip Ins tops would be quite popular with golfers who want to protect their skin while feeling comfortable at the same time. Have you considered promoting your product to the golfing community as well?



We just get so thrilled when we see the wave of acceptance about the need for sun protection, and thinking of all the ways to wear SlipIns, not just for water activities.  Golfing has been suggested to us before, but as a small company, we are paddling as fast as we can!!  Yes, golfing has been suggested before and we have had gals wear their SlipIns Minis with their golf skirt or shorts, and just love it.  The fabric is moisture wicking and breathable, so it actually can keep you cool in the hot sun and humidity.  And the new Rashguards are perfect too!

We make not only beautiful sun protective SlipIns for women, but for men and little girls too.  It's just a matter of spreading the word about  Thanks for reading this and discovering SlipIns!!

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