Skin Cancer-A Scary Thing

This is an article that really stuck with me, and truly is a scary thing.  We all need to be vigilant about sun protection for ourselves and our loved ones-children, spouses, friends.  Don't kid yourselves, our sun exposure from childhood on is dangerous.  Protect yourself from the sun!  There is no better or more beautiful way to do so than wearing SlipIns Sun Protective Swimwear.  Who Knew Sun Protection Could Be So Beautiful!!  

Here is the link to this article-please read!!

No matter your age or skin tone, experts can't stress enough how important it is to be diligent about safe sun practices. "Protect yourself from the sun. Look at your skin in the mirror. Get an annual body check from a dermatologist," Zeichner emphasizes. "If you see a new or changing spot, whether it is brown or pink, get it checked out right away because it can save your life."

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