PARTY in my SlipIns! The Ultimate Dive & Costume Wear


While COVID has cancelled all the awesome dive trips to tropical warm waters this summer, it has also cancelled my favorite summer time land activity to wear my SlipIns – music festivals.

I absolutely love electronic dance music, costume covered rave parties, and dancing all night long. And I’ve always been a sucker for clothing with thumb holes or foot stirrups. Needless to say, I was instantly drawn to all the colorful, flattering SlipIns bodysuits at the Scuba Show in 2014. You can  imagine my thrill when I learned they are also very functional piece of dive gear as well. See them here -


I’ve worn my SlipIns to the Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Wonderland, and Burning Man. It’s the ideal camping festival wear because the material is light weight, breathable, stretchy, fitted, beautifully designed and printed, super soft, durable, and my most favorite – it provides a sweat barrier between your skin and everyone around you on the dance floor, without getting too hot! It is difficult to describe the wonderful sensation of crawling into your sleeping bag feeling remarkably clean after a quick change of clothes. If you know, then you know & I’m sure you miss it too!


I almost forgot to mention the SPF/UPF sun protection factor! Now that’s really the best part! I did not have to carry around or reapply sunscreen other than needed for my face. With 5 days dancing in the desert sun, I would be reapplying sunscreen more there than I would on a live-a-board dive trip!

Aside from festivals, I’ve used SlipIns for Halloween costumes as well. As the body suit under my octopus outfit at work (in order to meet family friendly guidelines), and then as the “metal scales” to my dragon costume. The harness & tail were constructed from duct tape, some clips, and a pool noodle! I had gotten the idea from a solo dive buddy on vacation in St. Thomas earlier that year & the whole thing turned out way better than I thought it would!

That’s why SlipIn’s is such a unique item to add to your creative closet of hobbies. It’s an almost seamless bodysuit – so its very tight and stretchy, but always so flattering thanks to the perfectly constructed design printed to flatter the figure. I am happy I have them in two sizes (small & medium), because I prefer different fits for different occasions or times of year (ex. winter bod vs. summer bod).

Every year I am thrilled to see what new prints SlipIns come out with, since it inspires me to live my truest self – a colorful girl who loves to dance all night and dive all day.

Rachel Cushman



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