In Days Of Crisis


Creativity And Humor Can Help In Trying Times

These are trying times and days when we may experience much loss and sadness.  However, there are people who are trying to make the most of this situation and bringing us interesting ways to stay safe and smile at the same time.  This fellow in Hawaii has to be one of the most creative we've seen in some time.

This young woman was spotted at a Whole Foods wearing his entire scuba diving rig.  He had perfect Personal Protective Equipment.  His face was covered with his diving mask, his body was covered with his Whale Shark DiveSkin, his head was covered with his dive hood, and, he had his own air source with his compressed air tank.  No worries from airborne virus for him.  One of the best ways we know to protect yourself is illustrated in the next image.

The virus can't grow if it can't find a new host.  It's amazing to us here at SlipIns that all the states in this country haven't declared a mandatory stay at home order for the next 30 days.  Just a simple act like that would save countless lives.  If we don't get really serious about this staying away from each other thing we may see thousands more people dying and having to keep things closed down longer than a few more months.  If we all just practice this separation technique we might just keep members or our families alive.  The guy below has the right idea.

We all have lives to live and up until this virus invaded our world we had routines we loved and activities that we so enjoyed.  It's a necessary sacrifice now that we change those routines and avoid those activities for a while so we can give science a chance to find a cure for this thing.  They absolutely will but, we all have to do our part now.  So let's look out for each other and do the things we need to do to help eliminate this thing.  We will come back from this and be stronger for it. 

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  • paige lepinski

    I LOVE my Whale shark slip in! I WISH you had a matching hood to tame my chin length hair that can’t be tied back :) Any chance that is available?

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