Caring For The Worlds Oceans

All the folks here at SlipIns are very conscious of how important it is to care for the oceans of the world.  To not pay attention to this kind of behavior will ultimately doom the human species.  There is more junk and plastic garbage being pumped into the oceans today and that pollution has created an untenable situation that becomes more dire each day.  We have to remember to do something helpful each time we enter the ocean no matter what water sport we take part in.  If each of us do this regularly we may begin to really make a difference.  Whether you Scuba Dive, Surf, Standup Paddle, Boat or Swim, if you just take a piece or two of trash out of the water or off the beach we might really begin to help.

Recently, several woman who competed in the Miss Scuba International went to Thailand to dive and promote a healthy ocean.  During that trip these young women made it a point to show others the importance of participating in ocean cleaning on a regular basis and taking part each time we enter the water.  Let's all take on this mindset to preserve the health of the planet but particularly the venue from which we receive so much joy.


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