Beating This Corona Crisis In Intelligent Ways


Social Distancing Is Key


Let's face facts friends.  We are heading into a situation where we are all going to have to become completely responsible for all our actions.  We are all going to have to make informed, unselfish and, most importantly, intelligent decisions.  Let's start with intelligent decisions.  We've all seen the pictures on the television news and our newspapers of people running to the grocery stores and piling hundreds of rolls of toilet paper and bottled water into shopping carts. What the heck is that all about?  Do these people really believe that the virus is spread through tap water? Do these people really believe that toilet paper will save them from getting the virus?  Do they intend to wrap their faces with their over abundance of TP?  How silly is that?  This is just uninformed, selfish behavior that has nothing to do with anything but " FEAR. "  Stop being afraid!  Be informed.  There are numbers of sources for good information.  One great source of solid information is from the CDC website.  Here is the link.   Also, look up NPR's articles on flattening the curve.

Isolating yourself from infection is one of the most effective ways to avoid becoming ill and most importantly preventing spread of the virus. Just because you are of the ages that aren't being adversely effected it is completely selfish to ignore the isolation idea.  Just because you may not get terribly ill doesn't mean that you won't spread the virus to others who may become terribly ill and die.  It's going to be terribly important to practice responsible behaviors.  The director of medical health at UCLA was on CNN today and made a great suggestion and something that makes great good sense but has scarcely been talked about publicly.  When you have to go out it might be something smart to think about is to have two sets of clothing.  One set to wear only outside.  Wear this set of clothes while you are outside shopping and doing necessary errands and upon returning home change out of those garments and throw those garments into the washing machine immediately upon returning home.  Wash your hands first then, change back into your inside wear.  Why do you think health care workers are wearing covering garments when they are outside dealing with the public?  They do this to protect themselves from infection.

A few things to know:

1.) Hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol are terrific disinfectants. 

2.) Check on your friends and family regularly by using the telephone or face time on your mobile phones.

3.) Do humanitarian things to help your elderly neighbors.  Maybe you can get out for them to help keep them safe.

4.) Go Old School - Do Puzzles, Read or Do Audio Books, Play Games, Write Letters To Friends, Make Digital Photo Album        Take An Online Cooking Class, Bake Bread or Cookies,

5.) Get Outside By Taking Nature Walks Away From Others

6.) Catch Up On Your To Do Lists That Have Been Languishing

The whole point of this is to make very sure that our Medical Facilities aren't overwhelmed.  If that happens we are in real trouble.

What we don't want to see is the red curve on the left which indicates a fast immediate spike that throws thousands of people into the hospital all at the same time.  So, let's all do our part to make sure that, as a nation, we work together to mitigate the real damage to everyone.  We are all in this together.  Selfish behavior should be avoided at all costs.  This may be the hardest thing for many people.  We here at SlipIns believe that people can and will be willing to step up to the demands of this crisis and ultimately we will get through this in good stead.  Please help us prove this to be true.

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