The Amazingness of SlipIns

An ecstatic customer recently commented "So this amazingness came in the mail the other day-SlipIns SurfSkins.  I'm thinking of all the possibilities to wear it:AntiGravity, SUP, Snowboarding, Scuba Diving, Surfing, regular old hiking and my personal favorite-grocery shopping at Dan's and getting the funniest looks EVER!!  I may NEVER take it off, which might be awkward while teaching HOT yoga.  It's comfy, always my first priority, and apparently sexy, Matt's priority.  Win/Win"  

This is our second winter in business and it has been so fun to see the Instagram posts from ladies all over in the snow.  One Pilates instructor in Sweden has been having fun in her SlipIns on an exercise ball in the snow!  Send us your ideas and we will post them.  Our very versatile SurfSkins/DiveSkins are now SkiSkins!!  Don't cha just love it!




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