The Story Too Often Told

I know many woman can relate to this saga.  Maybe even you. It was a beautiful morning.  Kinda typical for southern California in August.  There were good waves accompanying a nice energy south swell and there weren't too many people at the beach yet.  A Toyota pulled into the parking lot and two young women in their mid thirties hopped out all excited to get in the water.  One young lady asked about the water temperature because she had heard it cooled down and bit and wanted to know if she could trunk it or wear her spring suit.  Some other surfers just getting out of the water shared that indeed the water had dropped about 8 degrees or so and told these ladies that they might want to climb into their full suits.  The two women looked to each other disappointed. They reluctantly started the process of struggling with, what one woman referred to as her modern day torture devise. The one woman who was just a little overweight complained that her suit was still damp. After about 10 minutes of uncomfortable laughter and watching the on lookers out of the corner of their eyes they finally were in their suits. None the less for wear the two sat on the tailgate of the Toyota SUV breathing a little harder and trying to gain back some composure. 

I mention this story because now, SlipIns SurfSkins can eliminate most of the struggle of getting into and, equally as important, out of your tight fitting full suit. We researched and designed and redesign our SurfSkins to be beautifully user friendly and so comfortable to be in.  However the functionality of the SurfSkin is the most important thing.  Now that summer is waning and cooler water is coming you might want to take a hard look at getting into a SurfSkin.  Make you surfing life so much more enjoyable spending more time in the water and less time struggling on the beach.  Wet or dry SurfSkins making getting in the wetsuit a breeze.  Check out the video link!


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